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Book Review: Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

Second House from the CornerMy rating: 5 of 5 stars
Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

Felicia Lyons seems to have it all, including three lovely children, a successful, adoring husband and a great life in the ‘burbs. But all isn’t what it seems and as her story unfolds, layers of her life are peeled back to reveal the truth she’s been hiding.

Vivid descriptions help to bring Faye’s world to life, and show her journey hasn’t been an easy one. Her picture perfect world was built on the ruins of an entirely different life, a life that won’t remain hidden for long. Though at first I wasn’t quite sure where things were going, once it picked up speed I found the book impossible to put down.

Though at times I questioned Faye’s reactions to the events spinning out of control in her life, they made more sense to me as the story unfolded. It also helped that the author was describing some familiar locations in NJ and PA, which I recognized and could picture for myself. For me, those locations helped to place Faye and her family and friends into a very real world.

Overall, it describes the extent people will go to make a fresh start, even if it means losing themselves in the process. But in the end, there’s no running away from the truth of who you are and what you’ve experienced. (Received a review copy.)

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Amazon link: Second House from the Corner: A Novel

Book Review: The Life Intended by Kristin Harmel

the Life IntendedThe Life Intended by Kristin Harmel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very interesting story about a woman who begins to experience flashes of the life she might have had with her husband, who died years earlier.

As the flashbacks continue, she’s led to a different type of life and meets various people who are leading her on a journey to self-discovery.

Kate Waithman switches back and forth between her real life with her fiance, Dan, to her “might have been” life with her dead husband Patrick. For me, as the story went on, I found myself much more interested in her dream life than in her real one. The connections between her and Patrick were so loving and I wondered how long it would take for her to wonder why she was making certain compromises in her real life.

Very richly detailed, especially when dealing with Kate’s experiences with music therapy and working with deaf children. Though I had an idea how things would turn out in her love life, the revelation at the end was unexpected. I enjoyed the story, while at the same time I felt that some things fell into place a bit too neatly. (Received a review copy.)

Amazon.com link: The Life Intended

Book Spotlight: Ere’s Secret by Firi Kamson


Ere’s Secret by Firi Kamson
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

I have a secret.

In three days, I’ll be turning 40 and I’m in love for the first time. Decades ago, I sacrificed my life for the good of my family. But tragedy struck too close to home, reminding me of the brevity of life.

Now I have a choice to make: continue living in shadows or allow my true self to emerge.


My life was uninteresting and would have stayed that way until I met Luke. This was a chance meeting and I could say we were destined to meet, who knows. It was a Sunday evening and I was at this point tired of my life and living my life as society wanted it to be lived. It was the day I defied all odds and subdued my nerves as I went into my closet and put on a black pair of pencil jeans and a black loose fitting Tee-shirt, that Cassandra, my oyibo Canadian neighbor who never took no for an answer, even though she had been unsuccessfully trying to invite me for coffee at hers for years; gave me. Surprisingly, when I put this on, it struck me how much weight I had lost. I looked like a skinny school girl instead of a 38 year old mother of three. Ignoring the inquiring looks my boys gave me, I told them I was going out with my friends. Further ignoring the equally curious look I got from Musa, our old reliable gateman who refused to leave us when Opuada died and was content with whatever I could pay him. With a straight face, I told him I was going out and would be back in a couple of hours.


Firi Kamson was born in Nigeria, where she grew up. Becoming a lawyer, a writer and a pilot was her childhood dream, she dropped the lawyer part and got a B.A. in foreign languages and literature speciality French. Worked as a freelance translator and a photographer for a couple of years before she decided to explore the creative world of writing. She writes a column for www.sabinews.com, as Tee, an online Nigerian based magazine, where she journals her experiences in south east Asia. The dream of becoming a pilot is still there and who knows one day it would be fulfilled. She lives in South East Asia with her nerdy husband and very active daughter and son. Ere’s Secret is her first work.
Firi Kamson would like to hear from her readers so you can send her an email phiri@secretlilies.com or check out her site www.secretlilies.com
Or follow her on Twitter @tmkamson


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