Premade Ebook Covers

Premade Ebook Covers

Since I create these covers as a side thing, cover design from scratch is not a service I offer. These covers are one of a kind and will only be sold once.


Covers are $37.00 each.

Font substitutions are an additional $10.00 per cover.


Please note: Since these are digital products, there are no returns or exchanges. So, please query before buying if you have questions.


Two ways to order:


*Purchase your cover(s) on Etsy at the Julia & Company Printables shop or…


*To pay directly via Paypal, email at author @ with the Cover Number(s) that you’ve selected. (Let me know if you’re also interested in font substitution.) I’ll email you a Paypal invoice for the selected item(s).


Once payment has processed, I’ll remove your selected cover(s) from the sales page. (If you’ve selected a font substitution, I’ll ask for a link to your preferred font, or let you know how to send me the font file.)


Want to substitute a font?

Font substitution can be done as long as the new font can be fit properly. If you have a specific font that I don’t have. you’ll have to provide a download link or page where it can be found. (If it’s a paid font, you’ll provide me with the file.)

Font substitutions will be an additional charge of $10.00, so please query before buying.



Need a full cover or audio cover?

Depending on the design, I may be able to create an additional cover for you (or make an ebook cover into a print cover).

If you think you’ll need additional cover work, in addition to the ebook cover, please query before buying.