Once Upon A Princess

“Once Upon A Princess” Shifter Paranormal Romance Fairy Tale Novellas


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In these two short and sexy “fairy tale” novellas, two princesses find that love with a shifter hero is not without complications – but there is always a happily-ever-after.

No cliff-hangers. Each story is complete. Mature readers only.



Once Upon a Princess: Heart of Stone


5 Stars. A fun & sensual fairy tale! “Once Upon a Princess: Heart of Stone” is a perfect afternoon read. I was pulled into the story from the first page, and kept reading straight through to the end. Deborah Bailey did an excellent job creating the magical fantasy world of Leesa and Willem. Her rich characterization and sensory details brought the story to life. She made Willem (the gargoyle) funny and sexy – something you don’t normally see in a book. I highly recommend this novella to romance and fantasy lovers. You won’t be disappointed! -E. Kelly


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In the ruins of a country destroyed by a curse. Princess Leesa goes looking for a way to help her people.


Desperate to find an item of value to trade for supplies, she trespasses into an abandoned palace.


There, she finds more than she bargained for when she encounters a lonely Gargoyle who offers to provide her with everything she needs, for a price.


If she’s willing to pay it, she may find the love she’s been looking for. Or she may lose it, forever.


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Once Upon a Princess: Heart of Stone Excerpt


Leesa headed up the stairs and stopped at the 2nd floor landing. Eduardo and Erokan’s rooms had been on this floor. Dust was everywhere, but otherwise the furnishings were just as they’d been left. Varmont’s bedroom, private study and library were on the 3rd floor. Most likely he would’ve hidden some of his valuables there. She went upstairs to check.


The doors to the Duke’s room, study and library were open. But the fourth door was closed. The treasure room, perhaps?


She opened the door and stepped inside. Strangely, this room wasn’t as dusty as the others. The air was heavy with perfume. Across from the door was a folding screen decorated with blue and yellow flowers. Behind it she could make out the base of a claw-foot tub.


To her surprise, the entire room had a feminine feeling, from the huge bed covered with blush pink coverlets and plush furs to the gold-trimmed white furniture. Even the jewel-encrusted skylight above her had its own beauty, reflecting colorful sprinkles of light over the pale stone walls.


A white cabinet with glass doors caught her attention. The shelves held glass bottles of different shapes and sizes. Some had liquids inside, others were empty. What were these? Perfumes? Or maybe potions.


The Duke used magic. Maybe this was where he’d kept his enchantments. Would they be worth anything? Possibly. But just as Leesa reached out to open the cabinet, the door slammed behind her.


Startled, she spun around. She was alone. Who had closed it? Leesa ran to the door and gripped the handle, expecting the door to open as easily as it had when she’d come in. But it didn’t. She pulled and banged on it, but it wouldn’t budge.


She was locked in.


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Beauty and the Faun


Kayla, a poor young woman runs away when her rich uncle and aunt arrange her marriage to a shifter prince from another land. Her uncle needs gold to settle his debts and the king is offering a great reward if he can obtain a willing bride for his son. But Kayla’s plans to hide in the Great Forest hit a snag when two mischievous fauns find her and deliver her to a very sexy faun shifter who is ready to teach Kayla a thing or two about life and love.