Four Days with Jack — What Will People Think?

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by Kelli Wilkins

Four Days with JackHi everyone,

Today I’m sharing a look at the making of my gay romance, Four Days with Jack. In this contemporary novella, best friends David and Jack embark on a sexual relationship. David has always loved Jack and has fantasized about being his lover, but he lacked the courage to admit his feelings—until now.


Four Days with Jack is one of the few books I wrote without an outline. I think not having a pre-planned structure let the characters write their own story (so to speak), and took the book in new directions.


At first, I didn’t know what the story would be. All I had was a basic plot (straight guy comes out to his gay best friend), a title, and one pivotal scene that takes place in a bathroom. (For those of you who have read the book, you know which scene I’m talking about – but I won’t give it away here.)


From there, I let my imagination wander and came up with the resort, the rest of the plot, and the unusual cast of characters that Jack and David encounter. As I wrote, David quickly revealed a major conflict—inner turmoil. Over four days, David and Jack learn a lot about themselves, each other, and what sacrifices they’ll make to stay together.


David has kept his true desires a secret from himself and everyone else. He’s afraid of what people will think about him if they know (or even suspect) that he’s gay. How will they react? Will they judge him? If so, how will his life change?


These aren’t the typical types of questions that my straight characters have to face in their romances. And this line of thinking really got me wondering about what it’s like for people to come out in real life. Will they be shunned by friends and family? Should they tell anyone? Live a lie? Move to a new state? What if they live in a state that’s more conservative and not gay-friendly? What will their coworkers think? Is their preference really anybody’s business?


I picked up on this theme of “What will people think?” and ran with it. In the book, David points out that Jack’s family disowned him when he came out, and David doesn’t want to go through the same type of heartache. Jack’s reply is pretty much: “So? They’ll get over it.”


As I was writing this story, I considered “what people would think” about this book. How can a woman write a gay romance? What will people think about the love scenes? Then I reminded myself that I’m a writer, and I create the characters and scenes that make up the book. Basically, the story needs to be told, and I’m the one telling it.


Writers need to turn off their internal editors and forge ahead with the story as it should be (and needs to be) told. If we constantly worried about what grandma would think about our writing, or if we were afraid to open up and let the characters and story take us into the bedroom, we’d never write anything except G-rated bedtime fables. And if a friend/relative/whoever has a problem with the subject matter, Jack’s right: they’ll get over it.


Or maybe not. One reader commented that she didn’t like the antagonist (Frank). As a writer, I’m glad to hear that! Frank is a blatant homophobic ass who says some pretty awful things to David and Jack, and he treats his own wife like crap.


So why is he in the story? For two reasons: 1. to show that not everyone accepts openly gay couples, and 2. to add a level of confrontation and intolerance that help band David and Jack together during a crisis moment. Is Frank an over-the-top stereotype? No, I don’t think so, because he’s a compilation of a few real people I’ve encountered.


Even in this day and age, some people are offended by gay romances and consider them “icky” or immoral. (Yes, I was actually told by a book reviewer that gay romances are icky!) My philosophy is pretty simple when it comes to that: it’s a free country, so read whatever you want —but don’t expect me to censor what I write because you have a problem with it.


This re-release is a bit different from the original version. I’ve given the story an overhaul and made a lot of changes. New scenes were added, others were completely revised, and a few were deleted. I was happy to make one significant change to this edition: when the book was originally published by Amber Quill Press, gay marriage wasn’t recognized. I’m pleased to report that I’ve included a line where “same-sex couples are getting married all over the country.”


Now more than ever, I’m just as proud of my gay romances as I am of my straight romances. Why? Because I’m a romance writer—and in my books, everyone deserves to be in love and live happily-ever-after with whatever partner they choose.


And that’s the way it should be… in fiction and in real life.


Here’s the book summary and a mild excerpt:


Four Days with Jack


When David invited his best friend on vacation, he never expected them to fall in love…


Spending four days in a tropical paradise with Jack is a dream come true. For years, David has lived a lie and denied his romantic feelings for Jack. Now that they’re together in an isolated Caribbean resort, he finally admits what he really wants—to be Jack’s lover.

Jack has been in love with David for years and is encouraged by his desire to explore a sexual relationship. He’s more than willing to introduce David to the life he has always fantasized about. Their sizzling nighttime encounters confirm David’s long-hidden cravings, but what will happen when they leave the resort?

Will David come out and start a new life with Jack? Or will he go back to his old ways and risk losing the best friend he ever had?


The excerpt:

Jack finished brushing his teeth and studied his reflection in the mirror. He looked happy for a change, and for once, he felt content. How many years had he waited, prayed, for this night? He’d been hopelessly in love with David forever. Now they were together. But why? What had prompted David to make the leap?

Obviously breaking up with Allison had played a part in his sudden “conversion,” but what would happen when they got home? Would David come out to his parents and everyone else? Or keep living a lie?

He flicked off the bathroom light and went into the bedroom. David’s steady breathing told him he was asleep. It was no wonder that he was exhausted. They’d had a long day—flying in from Philly, sitting in the sun, drinking… and now this. He smiled. And they still had two more nights in their island paradise.

He walked to the veranda, slid the screen door open, and stepped outside. The night air was a bit chilly, yet the cool breeze felt refreshing. He gazed toward the ocean. A quarter moon reflected off the water. In the distance, he heard calypso music and people laughing. That was an interesting thing about the resort; although hundreds, maybe thousands of people were around, it felt like they were alone.

You have to tell him about Andre. It’s only fair.

He leaned against the railing and sighed. Eventually David would ask him how he could toss aside his live-in boyfriend of two years. He was too morally straight not to question if this was considered cheating.

Ironically, he had been dating Andre exactly as long as David had been with Allison. But Andre had kicked him out a week before David and Allison called it quits.

Despite what happened, part of him still loved Andre. But Andre had only been interested in getting hard and getting off. There was no romance between them, just whatever it took to come. David was different. When he was with him, it wasn’t about sex. They had a connection. They belonged together.

And besides, he couldn’t go back to Andre, not after what he did. It was one thing to have an argument and move out, but when the person you loved hit you—

“What are you doing?”

David’s sleepy-sounding voice broke him from his thoughts, and he cleared his throat. “Watching the water,” he said, then reentered the room. Thinking about the situation with Andre depressed him. Right now, he felt like curling up with David and telling him everything—but he didn’t want to burden him.

“Should I get a wake-up call?”

“Nah, let’s sleep in.” He stripped, then pulled the sheets back and climbed into bed. Instinctively, they rolled onto their sides and kissed.

“Thank you for tonight,” David said, nestling close. “What can I do for you?”

“Hold me, and don’t let go.”


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I hope you’ll check it out. I fell in love with the characters, and I hope readers will too. It’s got a good blend of humor, drama, and plenty of sizzling love scenes that will heat up your summer!

Happy Reading,



Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.


Her third gay romance, Four Days with Jack, was released in June 2017. Kelli’s trilogy of erotic romance novellas, Midsummer Night’s Delights, Midwinter Night’s Delights, and Ultimate Night’s Delights was published in spring 2017.

Loving a Wild Stranger was published in January 2017. This historical/pioneer romance is set in the wilds of the Michigan Territory and blends tender romance with adventure.

Kelli’s third Medallion Press romance, Lies, Love & Redemption was released in September 2016. This spicy historical western is set on the Nebraska prairie in 1877.

Her writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative guide filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.

Kelli posts on her Facebook author page: and Twitter:

She also writes a weekly blog:

Visit her website, to learn more about all of her writings, read book excerpts, reviews, and more. Readers can sign up for her newsletter here:



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New Releases: Once Upon A Princess Shifter Paranormal Fairy Tales

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Once Upon A Princess: Beauty and the Faun

beauty and the faun cover

In this short and sexy “fairy tale” paranormal romance novella, a princess finds that love with a shifter hero is not without complications – but there is always a happily-ever-after.


One complete novella. No cliffhangers. Mature readers only.

Kayla, a poor young woman runs away when her rich uncle and aunt arrange her marriage to a shifter prince from another land. Her uncle needs gold to settle his debts and the king is offering a great reward if he can obtain a willing bride for his son.


But Kayla’s plans to hide in the Great Forest hit a snag when two mischievous fauns find her and deliver her to a very sexy faun shifter who is ready to teach Kayla a thing or two about life and love.

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The Once Upon A Princess Duet

once upon a princess duetTwo Paranormal Fairy Tales

In these two sexy paranormal romance “fairy tales,” two princesses find that love with a shifter hero is not without complications – but there is always a happily-ever-after.


Includes the two complete Once Upon A Princess short novellas.


“Heart of Stone”
In the ruins of a country destroyed by a curse. Princess Leesa goes looking for a way to help her people. Desperate to find an item of value to trade for supplies, she trespasses into an abandoned palace.


There, she finds more than she bargained for when she encounters a lonely Gargoyle who offers to provide her with everything she needs, for a price.


If she’s willing to pay it, she may find the love she’s been looking for. Or she may lose it, forever.


“Beauty & the Faun”
Kayla, a poor young woman runs away when her rich uncle and aunt arrange her marriage to a shifter prince from another land. Her uncle needs gold to settle his debts and the king is offering a great reward if he can obtain a willing bride for his son.


But Kayla’s plans to hide in the Great Forest hit a snag when two mischievous fauns find her and deliver her to a very sexy faun shifter who is ready to teach Kayla a thing or two about life and love.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Of The Divine by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Of the Divine banner


GENRE:  Fantasy

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes will be awarding a limited edition print copy of the book *U.S. only* to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Of the Divine Description

Henna is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Order of Napthol, and her runes ’s runes tell her that the future of Kavet is balanced on the edge of the knife. The treaties between Kavet and the dragon-like race known as the Osei have become intolerable. The time has come for the royal house to magically challenge Osei dominion. Prince Verte, Henna’ lover, is to serve as the nexus for the powerful but dangerous spell, with Naples–an untested young sorcerer from the Order of Napthol–a volatile but critical support to its creation.


Amid these plans, Dahlia Indathrone’s arrival in the city shouldn’t matter. She has no magic and no royal lineage, and yet, Henna immediately knows Dahlia is important. She just can’t see why.


As their lives intertwine, the four will learn that they are pawns in a larger game, one played by the forces of the Abyss and of the Numen—the infernal and the divine.


A game no mortal can ever hope to win.


Interview with Author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Of the Divine book coverHow would I describe a perfect hero?

This question jumped out at me because of the use of the word “perfect.” Of course I think I know what it’s supposed to mean (I would guess, “How would you describe the hero you would most like to read about?” or, “What kind of hero makes the best book?”) but that wasn’t the question asked.


A perfect hero is someone who always does the right thing for the right reasons. They consider which actions will benefit the world the most, but aren’t heartlessly utilitarian; they recognize the smaller hardships as well. They listen well, communicate well, ask for help when necessary, take or give credit when appropriate.


If they must charge, they charge only what is appropriate for their services and what a community or individual can afford. They are polite to all, unless rudeness is truly called for and necessary. They are confident but not arrogant. I could go on, but I think one thing is clear: the perfect hero is dreadfully dull to read about.


I like my heroes gritty. They struggle. Sometimes they’re selfish, or petty, or overly proud, or self-conscious. They are real people with real strengths and weaknesses. They come from a culture with all its richness, beauty, and limitations and biases. They have disabilities (but the story isn’t about “overcoming” or “curing” those disabilities– they simply exist). They exist in a world where they get to be complex and make mistakes (that said, they aren’t so disgustingly prejudiced and misogynist that my flesh crawls reading about them–that’s not a character flaw that appeals to me).


In short, the heroes I enjoy reading about are Roland of Gilead of the Dark Tower series (the books, not the awful movie), or Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy— not Superman. In Lord of the Rings, it was Gollum I loved at the end, not Frodo.


What’s your favorite song on your playlist?

These days, “my playlist” contains songs from Moana, Frozen and Trolls, with a couple highlights of Jewish children’s music (“Bim Bam,” “Alef Bet,” etc.). That’s what I’m allowed to listen to in the car or when my daughter is up without her strongly objecting. On the other hand, if nothing else repetition and familiarity (and possibly Stockholm Syndrome) has made me appreciate these songs more and more.


Currently, my favorite from the list is “”Get Back Up Again” from Trolls. If you haven’t watched the movie, it’s a power-song, a “I will accomplish this difficult task no matter what setbacks I face!” song… during which the main character is literally repeatedly eaten. At the end she’s poisoned and wrapped up in a spider web, but after the other character revives her she pops up with the line, “get back up again!” It’s surreal and disturbing and I love it because it reminds me of all the ridiculousness of life and how sometimes you’ve got to just keep trucking no matter how rough things seem.


Of course, given an opportunity I also like to write with music on, so most of my books also have playlists. Most of the Mancer Trilogy was written and/or revised to the sound of Dar Williams’ two albums, “Better Self” and “Promised Land.” Many of the songs from these albums were written in protest of the Iraq war and other post-9/11 policies, which is the real-life context that first inspired the Mancer trilogy. Other songs, like “Teen for God” or “Two Sides of the River” speak to me about the power of belief, and how belief changes or can be found or lost or missed. My favorite of the list, however, is probably “Buzzer.” It makes some good points about society as well, like most of Williams’ work, but mostly I’m a huge psychology nerd so I love that an artist used the Milgram experiment as the basis of a song.


Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what was it?


I do have a favorite scene, and it’s my favorite because I’m a horrible, evil person. I can’t tell you about it because it’s a spoiler, but as you read Mancer 2, the moment when you start yelling at me in your head (or out loud, if you’re a really active reader)– reach out to me on Twitter and ask if that’s it. Every time I give a copy of Mancer 2 to a friend or a beta reader, I anxiously await their phone call or email or text message yelling at me.



Any challenges in writing this book?


Several, but I’ll mention two here.

From an obvious plotting standpoint, Mancer 2: Of the Divine takes place 70 years before Mancer 1… which was also already published before I finished editing Mancer 2. I always knew I meant the prequel to be the second in the series, because it makes sense in terms of how the major plot is unveiled, but how it sits meant I needed to be careful with my consistency. I also needed to constantly weigh what readers knew from Mancer 1, and how that would affect certain reveals, versus what new readers (or readers returning after time between books) didn’t know and wouldn’t notice.


For example, Dahlia Indanthrone is one of the four narrators of Book 2. In the first draft, her name was dropped as a Big Reveal, because readers should know from Mancer 1 that Winsor Indanthrone is President in modern day Kavet. Readers were meant to wonder how she goes from when we meet her to her descendant holding such a position of power. What actually happened was that people went, “Why did it take so long to get her name?” or “That name sounds kind of familiar but I can’t place it.” I eventually had to accept that I couldn’t treat this as a major reveal because most readers wouldn’t recognize its importance. So, it’s there, but if you don’t make the connection until you read Mancer 3 and someone points it out, it doesn’t hurt the story at all.


All that was trivial compared to certain questions of inclusion. Of the Divine is set in the capital city of Kavet, a major port city that sees a great variety of people, but my first draft (written quickly before all my world-building was done) was very homogeneous and white. The book also deals with religious conflicts and sexuality, also issues that need to be addressed with care. As a gay, Jewish woman, there are some aspects I can address from my own experience, but there are also experiences beyond my own (namely: I’m a white woman from mostly-white suburbia, and having non-white friends does not make me an expert in how to handle race in fiction).


I ended up working with a couple sensitivity readers to address issues I never would have realized were issues on my own, things I’m tempted to describe as “little things” because they seem little to me but which are apparently very important to certain readers. For example, I’m personally more than a little obsessed with food. When I go to write a description, I tend to use a lot of food-descriptors, unless I consciously stop myself (someone once told me my character Adjila from Persistence of Memory sounded like a fancy latte from Starbucks because of the description I used for him). What I didn’t know until a sensitivity reader pointed it out is that these kinds of descriptions are disproportionately used for POC, and thus are offensive, and can be triggering.


My immediate response when my sensitivity reader told me this was, much to my shame now, predictable: What’s the big deal? Oh, I don’t mean it that way. I describe everything that way. I’m glad that reader gave feedback in a way that I didn’t need to respond immediately, so I had time to process and consider and realize: It’s not a big deal to me because I’m white. I don’t get to decide if it’s a big deal to someone else. I had time to get my privilege under control so I didn’t say something defensive and obnoxious, but could instead say, “Thank you for pointing this out.”


So I started researching ways to do better, instead, and started practicing two mantras in my head for when I’m writing and getting beta-reading feedback: If it’s not my experience, I don’t get to judge whether or not it’s important, and, Try not to be an insensitive jerk, Amelia.


Wow, I apparently had a lot to say on that topic!


One way or another, I hope you enjoy the Mancer Trilogy. I’ve enjoyed writing it, and learned a lot through it. Thanks for being here today and thanks for reading!



Of the Divine Excerpt

The pride of Osei abruptly turned and dove. Serpentine bodies large enough to lift ships from the sea plummeted. They changed shape so close to the ground that the wind from their wings smacked the plaza like a hand, rattling or knocking over the light carts and tables the early morning merchants set up to display their wares. Henna squinted her eyes against the grit that smacked her face as the Osei landed with enough force to shatter their bodies had they been human.


People in the plaza scattered, scrambling away to hide in the shelter of surrounding buildings, but Henna couldn’t make her muscles move as the Osei queen looked around speculatively.


The creature had skin like liquid silver and eyes like barbed steel. As she crossed the plaza directly toward Henna’s frozen form, Henna recognized her. She was the only Osei queen who ever left her own territory to visit another Osei House.


The Queen of the First House, the Royal House of the Osei, was standing in the Kavet marketplace.


Henna felt all the blood drain from her face. Maybe farther. Was she bleeding onto the cobbles? Into the core of the earth?


“You know us,” the queen said. “That is convenient. You will inform the rulers of this land that we require their immediate presence.”



About the Author


author photo Of the DivineAmelia Atwater-Rhodes wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, when she was 13 years old. Other books in the Den of Shadows series are Demon in My View, Shattered Mirror, Midnight Predator, all ALA Quick Picks for Young Adults.


She has also published the five-volume series The Kiesha’ra: Hawksong, a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year and VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror List Selection; Snakecharm; Falcondance; Wolfcry; and Wyvernhail.

Buy link:


Amelia Atwater-Rhodes will be awarding a limited edition print copy of the book *U.S. only* to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Book Spotlight & Excerpt: The Matriarch Matrix by Maxime Trencavel

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The Matriarch Matrix banner


Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

The Matriarch Matrix – A speculative fiction novel of origins, faith, passion, and the pursuit of peace.


It was always his destiny to save her. It was always her destiny to die. The fate of the world hangs on their choices… 


The past foretells her future…


What does it take to change a loving child of peace into an assassin for a dangerous and powerful oligarch? Zara Khatum knows. Once a fighter for her Kurdish people, the memory of the atrocities inflicted by her captors has Zara seeking one thing: vengeance. But the voices of the ancients call to Zara. In the past, in another life, she knew the secrets of the artifact…


Twelve thousand years ago…


She is Nanshe, revered matriarch of the family she led away from the monsters of the north. In the land that would one day mark the treacherous border between Turkey and Syria, she created the temples at Gobleki Tepe and founded a dynasty, heirs to a powerful object. For millennia, Nanshe’s descendants have passed down the legend of the artifact: “The object can save. But only a man and woman together can guide the salvation of others.”


Heirs to destiny…


By fate or destiny, Zara is thrown in with Peter Gollinger, a quirky Californian from the other side of the world and the other side of everything she believes. But he, too, is heeding the voices of his ancestors. Joined by Jean-Paul, a former Jesuit priest, these three people—from wildly different religions and cultures—must find a way to work together to solve a twelve thousand-year-old mystery of the powerful object that spawned a faith. The world teeters on the precipice of war. The outcome depends on them. And one of them is living a lie.


The Matriarch Matrix is a rich and deeply layered epic story – a spiritual odyssey with a heartbeat of an action adventure. It may make you think, ponder, reflect upon where we came from and where we are going. It blends our past with a speculative future of things that are not so far-fetched. It blends the drama, the comedy, the romance, the tragedy of three protagonists with different cultures, traditions, and beliefs – a Sufi woman, a Jesuit priest, and an alien origin believing atheist. Their journeys separately and together will be a test of their respective faiths and their inner search for personal and family redemption.


The Matriarch Matrix Book Excerpt

matriarch matrix book coverChapter 2

I talk all night long with a dream image. About the tales of my pain; Thus my sleeplessness comes from these tales.

—Amir Khusraw, thirteenth-century Sufi mystic and poet 9620 BCE


Northern shores of the Black Sea


The woods. The low-hanging fog. Or to these three hunters, the low-hanging cloud that makes finding their prey just that much more difficult. In the fog, they effectively only have ears to listen for their prey. In contrast, their prey has eyes, ears, noses, and animal ESP, which pierce through the fog, and so do those who hunt them.


It is Orzu’s birthday. Born on the seventh day of the sixth moon, he has seen seventeen cycles of the sun. In a few more sun cycles, it will be time for him to find a wife. His grandfather, Parcza, has taken him and his sister Illyana into the woods so Orzu can master the art of providing meat for his family. Parcza doubts whether Orzu will ever become a good provider for a new family, for Orzu has yet to kill during the hunt, any hunt.


Illyana, on the other hand, is a natural-born hunter. But Parcza knows that the young men of the village will not be selecting Illyana based on her hunting skills, for she has become a very handsome young woman, at fifteen cycles of the sun. Two sun cycles ago, her breast buds began to blossom and she begrudgingly had to alter her clothing to accommodate these changes, asking why she needed to dress differently than Orzu.


Orzu has taken point, softly and slowly moving forward in the dense undergrowth of the forest. They have gone farther north than normal as the lands near their village seem depleted of game. He peers back at Parcza to see if he is doing well in his grandfather’s eyes. Parcza has been a surrogate father for Orzu and his sister. Six sun cycles ago, the Reindeer People, the giants of the north, took their father as a slave; they took their mother and their grandmother, Parcza’s wife, too, for unspeakable reasons. Thus, Parcza has done his best to mother them as well as father them.


A shuffle of a leaf, and Orzu stops, holding his hand up. He moves his bow up and draws the arrow shaft back, just as Parcza coached him this morning. His arrow has a normal stone head for smaller game. He and his sister have a few special arrows for larger game, with a very shiny black stone that is extra hard and sharp. Parcza found these on the Reindeer People’s arrows and spears after they massacred a nearby village, and he kept a collection for their use. Parcza is holding a spear in case they are the hunted, as these woods have two types of animals—the ones much smaller than they, which can be killed by arrows, and the ones larger and sometimes hungrier than they, which may or may not be deterred by even their spears.


Orzu scours the forest for the source of the leaf sound, and he sighs in relief. It’s a rabbit. Unlikely to jump at them and rip their limbs off. He aims along the arrow shaft as he watches the rabbit nibble some leaves and wiggle its nose. Orzu finds it cute. He’d rather have it around the house than dead with an arrow through it. I cannot kill this animal, he thinks. It is not right.


Whoosh. His trance is broken as Illyana’s arrow splits apart the head holding the cute wiggling nose.



Author Bio

maximeMaxime has been scribbling stories since grade school from adventure epics to morality plays. Blessed with living in multicultural pluralistic settings and having earned degrees in science and marketing, Maxime has worked in business and sports, traveling to countries across five continents and learning about cultures, traditions, and the importance of tolerance and understanding. Maxime’s debut novel was written and edited in different locations in Belgium, including the Turkish and Kurdish neighborhoods of Brussels, in South America, and on the two coasts of the United States.






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Book Spotlight: The Goblin King, Part 1 by A.E. Blair

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the goblin king banner


Genre: LGBT Romance / dark fantasy


About The Goblin King

Jasper Woodworth expects the summer of 1963 to be filled with thunderstorms and the comfort of his childhood home. He’s prepared for the attention of his doting mother, for dazzling parties, for whispered rumors of Briarford’s townspeople.

Everything changes upon meeting his mother’s new tenant: the mysterious and ethereal Harlan Winters. Harlan is entitled. He speaks in riddles, and he uses half-truths like bait on a fishing wire. What’s worse? He won’t explain himself, or his intentions, or his hypnotic interested in Jasper.

Overwhelmed by suspicion and a strange attraction, Jasper’s dreams take a turn for the unusual. He dreams of hands roaming his body. He dreams of Harlan’s warm, golden skin and those unearthly opalescent eyes.

Enabled by Harlan, Jasper finds himself tumbling down a steep cliff, rolling in his obsession and lust as they twist into something new, something he doesn’t understand. The only way to gather the answers he seeks is to confront Harlan directly, but how does one trap a supernatural entity?


The Goblin King Book Excerpt

The Goblin King book coverThe courtyard is vast, far larger than the garden in my back yard. Several yards away in every direction, a tall brick wall stretches, adorned at the top ornaments of white plaster. The sun sits high in the sky, casting down bright white rays onto the scene before me.


Birds chirp in the distance. Not the hoarse cawing of seagulls nor the shrill squawks of crows. Sparrows, maybe. Something high-pitched but pleasant. Almost a song. The wind carries the melody around me, and I close my eyes, my head tilting back. Around me, I hear the rustling of leaves, and I can see their lush greens and vivid colors winding around every structure, towering above me.


Sweat drips down the back of my neck, sticks my hair to the skin. To my left, there’s a fountain. It’s familiar – almost. Not quite. I follow the cracks in the plaster around the statue’s body, confident, as though they’re roads and I know where they lead. The cracks end at the statue’s headless neck, the plaster sheer, as though it had always been this way. As though it had never been broken. Water flows from the neck, clear, and my eyes follow it back down the statue’s body. It slips against the statue, turns white, then clear, then the sun hits it and colors explode from the water, every part of the spectrum, a cauldron of iridescent rainbow by the time it pools at the bottom, at the statue’s feet.


The clang of metal. Two cymbals crashing. My head jerks to the source of the sound, and who should be there to greet me but Mr. Winters?


His eyes are dark this time. I peer into them, expecting to see that strange, shimmering paleness, the same which curses the fountain’s water. He watches me, his eyes glued to me, and I take a step back. I try to. I try to lift my leg, but it’s rooted to the cobblestone beneath me.


Mr. Winters watches me, and I watch him. To his credit, he can take what he gives.


In his hands, a strange instrument rests. A wide circle, hollow, with a smaller, circular metal piece in the center. He beats it against the palm of his hand, his eyes unblinking. His shirt, white linin, lies open against his chest.


Beneath the hot sun, his skin shimmers, tan becoming pure gold.


I open my mouth to speak, but I can’t conjure the sound. My vocal cords don’t come into contact; there’s nothing but the air moving through my windpipe. My hand claps to my throat and I pin my eyes back on Mr. Winters, my mouth hanging open.


Mr. Winter’s mouth spreads into a smirk.


“Drink,” he says, and he follows it with a beat of his instrument.


I frown. I glare. I stand my ground. Mr. Winters nods to the fountain, keeping perfect time with his music.


“Drink,” he says again, and I cast my gaze back to the fountain. The water bubbles from the statue’s neck, and I watch it as it flows down its body. The pearly substance at the bottom becomes enchanting, mesmerizing, hypnotizing.


Without thinking, I reach down, and I let my fingers play in the iridescent water.


I confess myself quite the bachelor, so I can’t attest to personal experience, but those who shy away from marriage, from love unconditional… I’m afraid they’re shying away from eternity,” he says, and between his pretentious proclamations at the dinner table and vague threats, I never knew Harlan Winters to be a poet.


I have to recover.


I bite, “You won’t live forever, then,” and I throw it like a weapon toward him. If he wants to be a bachelor, perhaps he has to pay the price.


“Jasper!” Maman scolds. Harlan only laughs. He looks away, but my eyes stay on him.


“No, I suppose he’s right,” he considers, his head nodding from side to side as he considers it. A lock of silver hair falls into his eyes. “I’d be foolish to include myself in that.”


I want to be satisfied, but his words carry a melancholy that isn’t lost on me, that settles heavy over my shoulders. Harlan turns to me and smiles.


“Will you live forever, Jasper?”


I spit steel into my voice as I answer, “That’s impossible.”


The intensity of my defense is apparent, an elephant forcing its way through the walls, leaving nothing but rubble and carnage behind, but somehow, I can’t stop the fury. I’ve come for dinner, at his request. Do I truly deserve this conversation? And so early in the meal?


Harlan takes it in stride. He says, “I hope you aren’t destroying your chances.”


I take a breath to calm myself, and I reach for the bottle of wine. I take my time pouring myself a glass.


“I haven’t the slightest idea what forever feels like,” I tell him, focusing on the way the wine flows from the bottle like a waterfall. “I can’t miss something when I don’t know what it is.”


“Look up,” is Harlan’s response.


My glass full, I set the bottle back upright, and I cast my gaze toward the ceiling. I frown. There’s nothing there but wooden rafters. Harlan laughs.


“Not like that,” he says. “Not quite.” He crosses his arms across the table, settling in, mischief and folly on his face. I find myself leaning in, my neck craning toward him as he says, “I speak of the stars. When you see them, pinpricks of light against that vast darkness, never-ending – that’s the closest thing to eternity that humans can imagine.”


He lifts his glass and takes a drink of wine, his smile secretive, knowing. Jocelyn studies her menu, and I sit, transfixed by the man across the table. I want to pull more from him, more words, an explanation, but he stays quiet.


Author Bio

A.E. Blair is currently setting her keyboard alight with typing speeds in Orlando, Florida, but she’s been writing ever since she could hold a crayon upright on construction paper. Inspired by 80s fantasy movies and anime, she’s often dreamed of spiriting herself away to another world – and becoming supernatural royalty certainly wouldn’t hurt.


While A. E. is no stranger to writing, having gotten her start with fanfiction, The Goblin King: Part I is her first novel, and is expected to span six parts. In her spare time, A. E. likes to dabble in screenwriting, playwriting, and acting.



Mailing list:


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Just off the Path by Weston Sullivan

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Just off the Path banner


GENRE:   Fantasy

Weston Sullivan will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Just Off the Path Description


Hansel never asked to be a hero. He never wanted to fall in love with Rapunzel, Queen of the East. He didn’t ask to be raised by Gothel the Wretch, and he certainly never wanted to be credited for her arrest. But more than any of that, Hansel never wanted to lie: but he did. He lied about everything. He thought that he was done with it all when he and his sister Gretel retreated into the woods to reclaim their land, but he should have known better.

Hansel needs to find a way to fix this, otherwise he will be responsible for Grimm’s destruction, or that is what he thinks. As Hansel isn’t the only liar in Grimm.


Just Off the Path Excerpt

Just off the Path coverThe Girl in the Red Cape


My rude brother’s name is Hansel,” Gretel    said, pushing her way past a particularly  thorny vine. “And I’m Gretel.”


“How am I rude?” Hansel asked, his voice sharp. He wasn’t in the mood to argue. Their hunt was fruitless, and it was cold enough that his breath rushed from his nostrils and plumed into the air above his head. “I saved her life, didn’t I?”


The girls walked ahead of him, Ceara only steps ahead of Gretel. Every few seconds, she stopped to gather her bearings. They were fast friends; Hansel knew Gretel was intrigued by Ceara’s fearlessness. She walked the thickets as if they were a second home to her, leaving Hansel behind to worry about the things that hid in the darkness. He kept his bow drawn. It felt as though the briar was pulling him back and with each step he took, he could feel the thorns prick his skin, snag his clothes, like Grimm itself was assaulting him. Touching the thorns was unavoidable. His skin was on fire after the first few steps, and tiny pools of blood formed all over his body. Gretel was bleeding, too. But not Ceara, since her cloak shielded her from the thickets.


Gretel shoved her elbow into his ribcage. “It’s rude not to introduce yourself.”


“It’s rude to call someone else rude,” Hansel retorted. To his relief, he saw the light of the moon streaking through the overgrowth ahead. The three of them shimmied their way through the final layer of hanging briar and back into the woods. Hansel sucked in a breath of air. It tasted clean, crisp and cold, instead of stagnant and sour. Leaving the thickets was like taking a plunge into the river on the hottest day in summer. His muscles loosened and he strapped his bow on his back. They weren’t home, but they were safe.


They walked in silence for a few minutes, until they could see The Path. When they passed a tall tree, Ceara stopped and placed her palm on its trunk, admiring it. And when they reached a particularly tall tree, she stopped.


“Have you ever wondered why the trees shed their leaves in the winter?” she asked. “I don’t know about you two, but when it starts to get cold, I put more clothes on. I certainly don’t get naked and stand in the middle of the forest.” Her thought was interrupted by the sound of hooves in the distance.

Hansel squinted, looking off into the distance. Before he saw anything, Ceara tackled him to the ground. He mumbled an angry demand for explanation, but Ceara shushed him, pointing.


Five horses raced across the worn trail that cut through the wood. The horsemen were spots of light in the gray-brown haze of early winter. They wore gold and white—the colors of the Eastern region, Rapunzel’s territory. When they passed in front of him, he noted their tunics were dirty and their swords drawn. After they disappeared behind a wall of pale trees, he stood and brushed himself off.


“Why did you do that?” he asked.


Ceara shook the leaves from her cloak. “They’re tracking The Wolf.”


“So?” Hansel asked.


“You don’t want them to spot you anywhere near him,” Ceara replied. “All three regions are out for his head.”


“We’re friends of Rapunzel,” Hansel said. “She knows we hunt here. No harm would come to any of us.”


Ceara’s eyes widened emphatically. She closed her cloak over her bodice, her wicker basket producing the illusion of pregnancy. “It doesn’t matter.”


Gretel stepped between them, taking charge of the conversation. “Why are all three regions after him?”


“They think he’s the one who’s committed all the murders,” Ceara said. She leaned in close, even though there wasn’t another soul in sight.


“Murders?” Gretel asked.


“You haven’t heard?”


The word murder made Hansel cringe. He felt cold and vulnerable with it floating in the air around him. “We need to keep going. It will be dark soon.”

The girls followed him, but they hunched over like housewives in the market square, gossiping among themselves.


“What murders?” Gretel repeated.


“There’ve been murders all across Grimm for weeks. Close to twenty of them, at least!”


“I have no words.” Gretel shook her head. “There’s never been anything like this in Grimm. Not since…”


“Gothel,” Ceara finished her sentence. “I know.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links


Weston SullivanAfter graduating with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida in 2017, Weston Sullivan moved to New York City to live and write in the heart of the industry. In late 2016, he began working as an intern in the submissions department of BookFish Books. His short story, “On the Hillside”, won the Anspaugh Award for Fiction in February of 2017, and his novel, JUST OFF THE PATH, is due for release in early September. 

He likes to believe that he is in charge of his own destiny, but at the end of the day, he knows that he was born to serve his two beloved cats.

Westons’ Links


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Weston Sullivan will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.



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New Book Release: Once Upon a Princess – A Paranormal Fairy Tale

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New Release: Once Upon A Princess: Heart of Stone

Once Upon A Princess: Heart of Stone is book one of the Once Upon A Princess Duet.

Once Upon a Princess paranormal romance novellas


In these two short and sexy “fairy tale” novellas, two princesses find that love with a shifter hero is not without complications – but there is always a happily-ever-after.


No cliff-hangers. Each story is complete. Mature readers only.


Once Upon a Princess: Heart of Stone Book Cover



“Heart of Stone”

In the ruins of a country destroyed by a curse. Princess Leesa goes looking for a way to help her people. Desperate to find an item of value to trade for supplies, she trespasses into an abandoned palace.


There, she finds more than she bargained for when she encounters a lonely Gargoyle who offers to provide her with everything she needs, for a price.


If she’s willing to pay it, she may find the love she’s been looking for. Or she may lose it, forever.


Buy it on Amazon for 99 cents for a limited time:

(Read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited)

Book Spotlight: Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2

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pets in space 2


The pets are back! Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, featuring twelve of today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors brings you a dozen original stories written just for you! Join in the fun, from the Dragon Lords of Valdier to a trip aboard award-winning author, Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr to journeying back to Luda where Grim is King, for stories that will take you out of this world! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, M.K. Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, and Alexis Glynn Latner as they share stories and help out, a charity that supports our veterans!


10% of the first months profits go to Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.


pets in space 2 picture


Guest Post by Author Veronica Scott


Thanks for having me as your guest today to talk about Embrace the Romance: Pets In Space 2!

My co-organizer Pauline B. Jones and I thought the idea of an anthology with heroic pets set into scifi romance stories would be so much fun, and it’s been great to see what different authors do with the same story prompt. This is our second year with a slightly different lineup of authors than year one, just to change things up a bit for the readers.


Last year I wrote a starship’s cat and an alien pet that’s sort of a cross between a tribble, a red panda, and a cat, with her own special qualities. This year for some reason I was inspired by the idea of a telepathic alien eagle, and a Special Forcers soldier who was bonded with him. My original inspiration for the character of Valkyr was a parrot I met many years ago, who’d lived through the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and been handed down in the same family from his original sea captain owner! Talk about salty language – wow. My Valkyr is much more refined and only ‘speaks’ mind to mind with Grant, his current owner.


The other thing was, I had my heart set on writing a rock star romance. I love that genre so much but never thought I’d write one, since anything I write turns into science fiction. I know there have been singers in scifi before (think of the Diva Plavalaguna in “The Fifth Element,” a movie I love, although my rock star is nothing like her). The key for me was reading an article about rock stars here on Earth who had been booking special cruises on ocean liners, where they mingled with their fans and gave special concerts. I thought that was a perfect setup for my luxury interstellar cruise liner, the Nebula Zephyr.


My military hero became a security officer on the ship, which works as I’ve previously established the cruise line is veteran-owned and has many ex-Special Forces men working in security for them.


I’m usually bad with titles but I knew this story had to be about a songbird – the literal rock star and then an actual songbird that my eagle could protect. You’ll have to read the story though to see how the songbird figures into the plot.


I had so much fun writing the novella and I hope the readers will enjoy the story!


Blurb for Star Cruise: Songbird

Pets in Space 2


Grant Barton, a Security Officer on the Nebula Zephyr, is less than thrilled with his current assignment to guard an Interstellar singing sensation while she’s on board the ship. It doesn’t help that he and his military war bird Valkyr are dealing with their recent separation from the Sectors Special Forces and uncertainty over their future, with their own planet in ruins.


Karissa Dawnstar is on top of the charts and seemingly has it all – talent, fame, fortune and devoted fans, but behind her brave smile and upbeat lyrics she hides an aching heart. When a publicity stunt goes wrong, Karissa finds herself in the arms of the security officer assigned to protect her – and discovers a mutual attraction she can’t ignore.


Trouble continues to plague the pair, driving a wedge between them and leaving Grant certain that Karissa is in more danger than she realizes, from overzealous fans and her own management. Grant is determined to protect Karissa whether she wants his help or not. Can he discover the truth behind what’s going on before he loses Karissa or is there someone else plotting to keep them apart – permanently?




Star Cruise: Songbird excerpt, where the singer meets the alien eagle:

“Wow,” said Karissa, coming closer. “His claws are like knives. How can you hold him without getting hurt?”

“The glove and the shoulder of my shirt are made from woven cartefl fibers, strongest material in the Sectors,” Grant said. “In the old days, a handler had to wear bulky leather gloves and thick padding but modern tech makes things much easier. Shall we go?”

Karissa moved toward the door but gave him a dubious look. “You just carry him through the ship? What if he gets spooked and flies away?”

“Valkyr is a highly trained military asset,” he said, entering the corridor behind her. “And a registered sentient. He knows how to behave in a noncombat situation. This way.”

“So the two of you were in the war?”

He really didn’t want to talk about his past or explain himself to this pop star. “Yes. We were in the Special Forces Z Unit until recently. Z for zoological.”

“I saw a documentary on them once,” Karissa said as they entered the gravlift.

Valkyr liked antigrav and flared his wings to the full 8’ span, posing dramatically as they drifted downward toward the hangar deck.

Don’t show off for her too much. Grant chuckled a bit as Karissa gasped at the display his companion was making.

“How can you keep him on a spaceship?” Karissa asked, her voice full of reproach. “How can that possibly be good for him?”

They stepped off at the hangar deck, Valkyr folding his wings obligingly so Grant could get through the portal. “This a temporary job for me. I needed a place to land after the military, while I figured out our next steps.”

The hangar deck was the single largest space on the Nebula Zephyr, as big as the two cargo decks combined, and ran the entire length and breadth of the ship. Currently the three shuttles, the captain’s flitter and two small exterior maintenance vehicles were parked neatly in their assigned spaces, with plenty of room left over for incoming shuttles when the liner was in orbit above a planet.

A crewman greeted them, staring at Karissa so hard it was amazing to Grant that the man managed any coherent words. “Deck’s clear, as ordered. You have an hour.”

“Thanks.” Grant watched the man leave as Karissa gave him a wave and threw him a kiss. The crew member stumbled and all but fell into the gravlift.

“What now?” she asked.

“Now he flies.” Grant lifted his arm in a rapid motion and Valkyr launched himself into the air, flying low across the deck at first and then beating his wings to gain height. He was soon lost to view in the far end of the deck.


pets in space picture


About Author Veronica Scott

author Veronica ScottBest Selling Science Fiction, Fantasy & Paranormal Romance author, as well as the “SciFi Encounters” columnist for the USA Today Happy Ever After blog, Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library as its heart. Dad loved science fiction, Mom loved ancient history and Veronica thought there needed to be more romance in everything. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing her own stories.

Seven time winner of the SFR Galaxy Award, as well as a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Veronica is also the proud recipient of a NASA Exceptional Service Medal relating to her former day job, not her romances! She recently was honored to read the part of Star Trek Crew Member in the audiobook production of Harlan Ellison’s “The City On the Edge of Forever.”





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Book Spotlight: Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance

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Other worlds tour banner


by Allyson Lindt, Award-Winning author A.D. Trosper, Cheri Schmidt and Tristan Hunt,Akaria Gale and Award-Winning author R. A. Steffan, Jennifer Rose McMahon, Award-Winning author Amy L Gale, Shawnee Small and K. R. Fajardo, Award-Winning author Lea Kirk, Mychal Daniels and Laura Hysell, Shawna Romkey and Elizabeth Ryder, E.A. Weston, Award-Winning author Lindsay Avalon, LaVerne Thompson and Starla Night, Jayne Fury and Isadora Brown

GENRE: Paranormal romance, Sci-fi romance

The authors will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance


Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination…


21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive epic adventures.


Rogue spaceship captains, dark vampire lords, supernatural hunters, crafty hackers, uncompromising alien alphas, fearless shifters, and MORE await in this highly sought-after collection including BRAND NEW romantic, otherworldly tales!


Step into OTHER WORLDS as these fresh voices of SFR and PNR take you on a journey to immortal realms and extraterrestrial territories where your imagination takes flight and fantasies come to life.

PreOrder now to secure YOUR copy of this limited edition Sci-Fi Romance and Paranormal Romance collection! Receive a free gift of 9 bonus books when you preorder today ~ see the details at

Release Date: October 17, 2017

Price: $0.99

The book will be on sale for $0.99 during the tour.


Featured Book from the Collection: Rockfleet by Jennifer Rose McMahon

Haunted by visions of Ireland’s notorious pirate queen, eighteen-year-old Maeve must sacrifice everything to choose the life she was meant to live. Her strange and terrifying visions transport her to ancient Ireland where she finds herself questioning her true ancestral destiny and her rightful role in the history of her clan.


Warrior chieftains and British rule threaten to decimate her clan as Maeve fights to find the courage to join forces with the pirate queen in a resistance against the crown. But will the heart-wrenching distraction of a forbidden interest, a copper-haired medieval boy whose allegiance is unclear, derail her?


In the quest of a lifetime, or centuries of lifetimes, Maeve must change her course to preserve her family history and save her clan from obliteration.


Fans of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning will enjoy being transported to medieval Ireland through its mythical legends in this suspenseful, time-travel prequel to the Pirate Queen Series.

*Low heat*


Book Excerpt

other worlds collectionMy head fell back and I rolled my eyes as I pondered how to escape the daily, repeating trap I was stuck in. I balled my fists and exhaled through tight lips, tasting my disappointment like bad medicine.


As I pushed myself up onto my knees, I reached for the top of Mom’s stone for balance. My legs had fallen asleep from being crossed for so long and I shook them out as the pins and needles ran behind my knees and down my calves. I shivered at the uncomfortable sensation and squinted my eyes, unsure if it was pain or just weird discomfort.


The tingling dissipated as I opened my eyes to a new darkness that had fallen around the cemetery. My familiar comfort with my surroundings shifted to cautious uncertainty as my spine straightened.


The sun was gone, hidden by black swirling clouds, and my hair blasted back from an unexpected gust. The wind howled out of nowhere in all directions as debris lifted and bombarded me.


My heart rate accelerated in surprise and I turned to get out of there. I bolted back toward the cannons, wondering if a tornado was about to touch down. I flinched as I passed the Wildman stone—I was always careful to never get too close, and this time, it was like it held new meaning and spooked me on purpose. I forced myself to not look at it as I ran past its lonely, desolate spot in the graveyard.


A surge of anger coursed through my veins, mixing with overwhelming terror, as I resented having my sacred space turned into a place of fear.


The force of the gusts knocked me off course and I scrambled to get to my secret exit. My hair batted at my eyes, making them water, and I followed my instinct more than my sight to find my way out.



My name, or an ancient Gaelic form of it anyway, haunted my ears and I swatted at them.


“Maibh. Teacht ar ais chugam.”


I batted at my ears again as if bees swarmed me.


The eerie sound from a faraway land beckoned for my attention, like the call of my ancient ancestors. It tugged and pulled me back with its lyrical cadence but I ran from it.


Stumbling over the low stone wall of the cemetery, I slid on my heels down the gravel hill and out onto the road with a heavy splat. My bare heels burned from the rough, scratching rocks.


Brightness of day had returned and I glanced all around while straightening my hair, pulling twigs out of it. I prayed no one saw me running out of the cemetery like a crazy person.


My breathing slowed some and I took a long inhale in hopes of steadying my pounding heart. But just as I let out the first bit of air from my exhale, the wind hit me again.


Adrenalin surged through me in an instant, causing me to leap into a full sprint. As if being chased by a ghost, I careened down the winding road like a wild woman, looking back over my shoulder the entire way.


Interview with Author Jennifer Rose McMahon

Jennifer Rose McMahonWhat inspired you to come up with your book series?

I have been planning the Pirate Queen Series for over twenty years, since my college days abroad in Ireland. While studying abroad in Galway, I travelled throughout the country absorbing the history as well as myths and legends. I also traced my roots to find where my grandparents came from, Country Mayo and County Leitrim. While exploring my O’Malley heritage, I discovered Grace O’Malley, chieftain of the O’Malley clan from the 1500’s and Ireland’s notorious pirate queen. Once I learned about Grace O’Malley, my Pirate Queen Series was born.


What is my favorite scene?

In ROCKFLEET, my favorite scene is when the main character, Maeve, discovers the source of her terrifying visions. Once she begins to understand the hauntings, she is able to piece together her true purpose and identity. Her shift from an insecure young girl to a powerful warrior is the best!


What do you love most about writing?

My favorite part of writing the Pirate Queen Series has been the ability to bring Grace O’Malley, the only female chieftain of Ireland’s medieval history, back to the forefront and into mainstream conversation. Her powerful rule and loyal army made incredible shifts in Ireland’s history, including a significant meeting with Queen Elizabeth 1 which influenced the future of Gaelic Ireland. I think Grace O’Malley is a role model who brings empowerment to women everywhere.


What is my writing routine?

I steal my writing time from any available crevice. As a full-time high school guidance counselor and mother of four, I find myself writing in the car during soccer practice or in my bed on the weekends before the house wakes up. But I find my writing time to also be my happy space where I can travel off in my imagination and hang out with the characters I’ve created. It’s a magical place.


What’s on your bucket list?

My bucket list includes another trip to Ireland where I have full access to enter the castles of Grace O’Malley and explore them to my hearts content. I’d also love to see the original documents of her meeting with Queen Elizabeth and of her other holdings and activities. I also hear there is a ring of Grace O’Malley that has been passed down through the O’Malley clan. Oh, I would looooove to hold that ring in my hand, and maybe even slip it onto my finger.


Author bio:

Jennifer Rose McMahon has been creating her Pirate Queen Series since her college days abroad in Ireland. Her passion for Irish legends, ancient cemeteries, and medieval ghost stories has fueled her adventurous storytelling, while her husband’s decadent brogue carries her imagination through the centuries. When she’s not in her own world writing about castles and curses, she can be found near Boston in the local coffee shop, yoga studio, or at the beach…most often answering to the name ‘Mom’ by her fab children four.

Her next book, Rockfleet, part of the Other Worlds Collection, a special $0.99 boxed set bundle of 20 PNR and SFR novels for a limited time. Preorder now!


The Pirate Queen Series. Fantasy/historical/time-travel/PNR

Book 0 (prequel): ROCKFLEET



Book 3: BALLYCROY (coming early 2018)



Twitter: @BohermoreSeries


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otherworlds collection



Kindle Fire + $50 Amazon gift card giveaway ~ Enter to win a Kindle Fire + $50 Amazon gift card! Daily entries possible. Enter here:

Facebook Party & weekly prizes ~ From now until October 23 we are giving away weekly gift cards, ebooks, and other swag in the Other Worlds Facebook Party here:



Pre-order and receive 9 bonus stories ~ Send your receipt and receive 9 bonus stories free!




The authors will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Science Fiction & Fantasy Ebooks Sale

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science fiction and fantasy book sale banner


Science Fiction & Fantasy book 99 cents sale


Available October 7th – October 8th


Hathor Legacy: Outcast is included in the selection of 100 books. Check them out here: