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“Hathor Legacy: Revelations” WIP Excerpt

Hathor-Legacy-Revelations-Web-MediumI’d originally planned to get Hathor Legacy: Revelations – book 3 of the Hathor Legacy series – published this month. But it’s still a work in progress.

So, in the meantime, I’m sharing a brief excerpt which might (or might not) make it into the final manuscript. You’ll have to read the published novel to find out for sure! 🙂

Hathor Legacy: Revelations  – Book Three of the Hathor Legacy Series

An enemy returns to spark new tensions between the Guardians and Novacorp. In the midst of the crisis, Nadira is given information about her parents that threatens to destroy her relationship to the Guardians and to Jonathan.

While Nadira searches for answers, Jonathan is enticed into the hedonistic world of the Novacorp executive class. His entertainment club attracts the elite of Hathor, but his notoriety comes with a price.

The worlds of the Guardians and Novacorp are put on a collision course where only one side may come out on top. Nadira is called on to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the legacy of the First Families, the original settlers of Hathor, while Guardians, Kasema and Deshtu are faced with the choice to unite or be brought completely under Novacorp control.

Old scores are settled and long-hidden truths are revealed, and at the end Nadira and Jonathan’s relationship and their world will never be the same.


In this scene, Nadira discovers that Mikal, the former Guardian who tried to overthrow the Guardian Elders (in book 2, Hathor Legacy: Burn), has turned himself in after an escape from the penal colony.

“Nadira, you must come to the detention center right away. Mikal has surrendered himself.”

“What did you say?” she asked, as she dropped down on the cushioned couch facing the com console. Azure’s concerned expression was projected across the width of the living area wall.

“He returned to returned and surrendered to the security detail at the terminal. I don’t know how he got on a shuttle to Hathor, but he’s here.”

After waiting for word over the past weeks, Nadira was relieved and apprehensive. Where had he been all this time? And why had he returned? She’s have thought he’d want to stay as far away as possible after breaking out of the penal colony.

“Why do you want me to come?”

“He’s requested a meeting with the Elders,” Azure replied. “It’s his right.”

“Right? He has no rights. Not anymore.”

“The Nova City Manager disagrees. She wants this handled quickly. It’s in the company charter, Nadira. He has a right to ask for this meeting. Then he can be returned to the colony.”

Nadira couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Suddenly everyone was supposed to go out of their way to respond Mikal’s request? After what he’d done? “I’m not going.”

“You must. It is your responsibility. Lange is already on the way, and so is Petra.”

So she was to be guilted into going? Why did Azure always think about responsibility first? Nadira could see why the Elder and her mother had had their differences.

“I’ll come, but I don’t care what he has to say.”

“Neither do I. But protocol must be followed. Is Jonathan with you?” Azure asked. “I think it would be best if he didn’t come.”

“He’s not here, and I agree,” Nadira replied. “I’ll see you there.”

The screen went blank. It was a good thing he was busy at his club in the Entertainments District. Otherwise, Nadira knew she’d have a fight on her hands. No way he’d let he go alone, not to see the person who had tried to force himself into her mind twice. Though the less Jon knew about the first instance, the better.

She stared out over the expanse of Nova City, which was spread out before her in a series of high rises and spires. Unfortunately her protests about moving to an apartment in the Palatine had not been well received by either Jon or Azure. There was more security, which was what they’d both been interested in. But she would’ve preferred a house near the City Park, where she could’ve felt less like a company executive. Not to mention she’d lived in a building like this when she’d lived with her mentor, Zina.

Now she’d have to go to the Detention Center and hear what Mikal had to say. He was the one person she’d hoped never to see again, but now she had no choice.

Cover Reveal: Entwined Destiny by Nana Prah

Entwined Destiny-HighResEntwined Destiny by Nana Prah

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Release date: January 12, 2015


Time is ticking away for Adjoa Twum. She has until the end of the year to find a guy, fall in love, and marry. Or else, her father will disinherit her from the family business.

Adjoa hasn’t had success with the dating game. No man meets her expectations. Esi, her cousin, suggests a fake relationship with Adjoa’s best friend, Kwame Opoku, to pacify her relentless father.

Kwame thinks Adjoa’s request is ridiculous. Posing as her boyfriend might get tricky, but he can’t say no to those beautiful eyes. Once the falsified relationship begins, things heat up. He discovers deep feelings for her, feelings that might lose Adjoa and her friendship.

Should they take the chance and up it to the next level?


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My Self-Publishing Resources

cA4aKEIPQrerBnp1yGHv_IMG_9534-3-2Several weeks ago I presented a workshop at the local library about self publishing. That got me thinking about my own experiences and how they’ve evolved over time.

When I published my first book, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life, in 2010, I hired someone to help me to navigate the process. She had a background in traditional publishing, so she had a lot of information to share. Her experience helped me to produce a very professional product.

That was only five years ago, and since then the publishing world has changed. Even better for DIY-ers, the technology allows us to create books with a lot less effort and better quality.

Now that I’ve published several books, I have my routine down. Instead of having to hire a company to convert my manuscript to .epub (and to design the layout) as I did in 2010, I use templates. Because I had to find cost-effective ways to get things done, I found free or low-cost tools to get my books out there.

However, I don’t take shortcuts when it comes to editing. Luckily I have a couple of professional editor friends, so I can get good rates (or “friend and family rates”) which is a big help. As far as the cover, I don’t scrimp there either, though it depends on the book whether I spend more or less.

I’ve accumulated a lot of resources along the way, and I’m sharing them below. This is based on my experiences, so your mileage may vary. If you have any recommendations to add, or any questions, share them in the comments.

After I finish my manuscript, I copy it into an MS Word template from Book Design Templates That template gets uploaded to KDP and to Draft2Digital for the books I want to distribute to booksellers other than Amazon.

One of the advantages of Draft2Digital is you can upload your manuscript, convert it to .epub and download it without publishing your book. So if you just want to set it up and keep it in draft, you can.

At this point I don’t worry about getting ISBNs for my ebooks. For my print books I get them through CreateSpace for $10.00, using my account on Bowker.

But if you do decide to buy ISBNs from Bowker, don’t bother paying for UPC codes. You can get them generated for free on Bookow

For covers, I’ve used a few designers. Steph’s Cover Design for Hathor Legacy: Outcast, Hathor Legacy: Burn, Family Pride: Love and Challenges and Family Pride: Blood Fever.

For Electric Dreams: Seven Short Stories of the Future, I got a ready-made cover from Go On Write

Hathor Legacy: Revelations (my upcoming book) will have a cover designed by James T. Egan at Bookfly Design

Most people are aware of Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Amazon CreateSpace for publishing, but there are some new platforms gaining ground. For instance, there’s one I’ve only recently found: Pronoun You can publish your book there and select cover designers, editors and marketing specialists from their resource list. I haven’t had experience with them as yet, but it might be an alternative to keep in mind.