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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Daughter of Aithne by Karin Rita Gastreich

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GENRE:   Fantasy


Karin Rita Gastreich will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Book Description


Betrayed by her own prodigy, Eolyn stands accused of treason. As power-hungry nobles dismantle her life’s work and honor, the desperate queen forges a risky alliance with the ruthless and cunning Mage Corey. Determined to defend her son’s claim to the throne of the Mage King, Eolyn prepares for her last and greatest battle, this time against her own sisters in magic.

Across the Furma River, Taesara of Roenfyn is drawn out of seclusion and into an ever-more vicious game of intrigue and war. Subject to the schemes of a shrewd uncle and the mysterious ambitions of the wizards of Galia, Taesara struggles to assert her own destiny, even as she takes up arms to defend her daughter’s inheritance.

In the climactic finale to The Silver Web trilogy, threads of love, honor, betrayal, and vengeance culminate in a violent conflict between powerful women, opposed to each other yet destined to shatter a thousand-year cycle of war.

“An enticing and elegant series finale, filled with magic and turmoil.” -KIRKUS REVIEWS



Book Excerpt

MediaKit_BookCover_DaughterOfAithne“Speak plainly, my Lord King,” Eolyn said. “I will not be subject to this cat-and-mouse game. If you do not trust me, if you do not believe me, then say so.”


“I trust your heart, Eolyn,” Akmael replied, “but your heart has led you to ill-advised decisions in the past. For this reason, I am not always inclined to trust your judgment.”


“For the love of the Gods! I am not the confused and frightened girl I was when my brother took up arms against you.”


“No, but you must understand the dilemma you have put me in.”


“The dilemma I have put you in?”


“If you knew of Ghemena’s plan and did not inform me, you were party to treason. If you did not know, then your authority over the magas is uncertain. Either way, the magas must remain bound and imprisoned until this conflict is resolved.”


Eolyn blinked and stepped away. “The magas have lived in peace in Moisehén for more than a decade. You cannot let the action of one woman—”


“Three women. The blatantly treasonous act of three women, all devoted students of yours. They have brought war upon us, Eolyn. Who knows how many others among your followers support them?”


“The magas who remain in my service have done nothing to merit suspicion.”


“All magas merit suspicion.” Akmael hesitated at her stricken look. He let go a slow breath and softened his tone. “There is a history here that we have not yet overcome, Eolyn. You, of all people, must understand that. Too many of our subjects still remember the war against my father.”


“And the purges that followed?” she shot back.


“The violence that tore this kingdom apart,” he conceded. “Right or wrong, the magas were left with the blame. We must manage this situation carefully, to protect you and your daughters. To see that justice is done.”


 Interview with Author Karin Rita Gastreich


author photoWhat inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

I wanted to write a novel in the tradition of epic fantasy, but I wanted all the major players to be women.


Is there a character you’d trade places with? If so, why? 

I’d like to trade places with Taesara. She has had a difficult life, but her love interest, Prince Savegre, is sexy and charming and very charismatic. I’d love to spend a day (and maybe even a night!) with him.


How would you describe a perfect hero?

The perfect hero is flawed. This is true of all romantic leads in The Silver Web series (even Prince Savegre!). Each of them has a demon they are battling with (sometimes literally!), and/or some aspect of their personality that undermines their full potential as a partner in love. King Akmael is a perfect example of this. His love for Eolyn is sincere, but he is a product of – and loyal to – the patriarchal system that keeps him in power. As such, his worldview is destined to undercut Eolyn’s freedom as a woman of magic. This haunts their relationship from the beginning to the end of the trilogy. In Daughter of Aithne, the conflict between Akmael’s duty as king and Eolyn’s destiny as a maga reaches its breaking point.


How would you describe a perfect heroine?

Perfect heroines are intelligent, complex, and like perfect heroes, capable of making mistakes. Because they maintain a deep commitment to their personal truth, they rarely please everyone around them. Sometimes they upset not only other characters, but my readers as well!

By the third book of The Silver Web, for example, Eolyn has enjoyed her share of triumphs, but she has also suffered many losses. Most importantly, she looks back on certain choices with true regret. This does not weaken her character, but rather strengthens her resolve to overcome new and ever greater challenges, even to the point of defying her life-long love and taking up arms against former allies.


When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

Writing is something I squeeze in around the rest of my life. I’m an ecologist by trade, and I work full time as a biology professor. In my free time, I love doing anything that gets me outdoors – camping, hiking, cycling. I also enjoy dance, and have studied flamenco for many years.


What do you love most about writing?

Writing is a great escape. It’s just like reading, except that as a reader, we are always an outside observer, someone on the periphery of the character’s world. Writing allows me jump inside a novel and become an active part of my character’s lives.


Any tips to share with someone who wants to be published? 

Don’t do it!

I’m serious. Writing and sharing your stories can be a lot of fun, but publishing is a pain. It’s important to remember always that you do not need to publish in order to write and share your stories.


If you are hopelessly compelled to complicate your life by publishing, I can offer these tips:

First, never trust your critique partners if they say your novel is ready to publish. Critique groups are essential for any writer, but the job of a critique group is to help you hone the craft and to encourage you to keep writing. This is not the same thing as vetting a novel for the publishing market. Unless your writers group is made up of professional editors who work with legitimate publishing houses (and no, self-made free-lance editors who hire out to indie authors do not count), don’t listen to them if they say you should publish your novel. They have no idea what they are talking about.


Related to this first point, do not self-publish, especially if you are a first-time novelist. If you want to build a solid career, find a legitimate small press (or large press, if you can) that can pair you with a professional editor who is willing to invest the time you deserve in perfecting your work and placing it properly in the market. Let someone else assume the risk and investment while you figure out whether the hassle of publishing is worth your sacred time.


Third, reign in your expectations. In other words, keep the day job. Oodles of money are not going to fall into your lab the moment your book is on the market. In fact, oodles of money will probably never fall into your lap, no matter how much you publish. Yes, you may be the exception to this rule with that extra-special novel that just happens to catch fire, but chances are, your opus magnum will go relatively unnoticed in an already saturated market.


It’s important to remember that publishing is not the endgame in a writer’s journey. Writing carries many important rewards that have nothing to do with publishing. Learn to prioritize and appreciate these other awards before you jump into publishing.


Do you have a favorite genre you like to read (other than the ones you write in)?

My favorite genres to read are history and historical fiction. I’m especially drawn to stories of women in Medieval and Renaissance times, and to stories of the great naturalists of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.


What other books have you written? 

In addition to Daughter of Aithne, the first two books of The Silver Web trilogy, Eolyn and Sword of Shadows are available in Kindle and paperback. The series follows the inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking story of Eolyn. Sole heiress to a forbidden tradition of magic, Eolyn faces many battles and overcomes many obstacles in a life-long effort to restore women’s magic to her people.


Do you have a favorite book (out of the ones you’ve written)?

I love them all for different reasons. Eolyn, which begins with the story of Eolyn’s childhood, is filled with the innocence of magic and the hope of first love. Sword of Shadows takes a much darker turn, immersing a now-adult Eolyn in the complications of court intrigue and worse, the horror of war. Daughter of Aithne represents the ultimate triumph of women’s magic, putting the reins of power in the hands of multiple women, who together determine the fate of four kingdoms.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Karin Rita Gastreich writes stories of ordinary women and the extraordinary paths they choose. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where she is part of the biology faculty at Avila University. An ecologist by vocation, Karin has wandered forests and wildlands all her life. Her pastimes include camping, hiking, music, and flamenco dance. In addition to THE SILVER WEB trilogy, Karin has published short stories in World Jumping, Zahir, Adventures for the Average Woman, and 69 Flavors of Paranoia. She is a recipient of the Spring 2011 Andrews Forest Writer’s Residency.



Twitter: @EolynChronicles



Purchase link for EOLYN, Book One of THE SILVER WEB:


Purchase link for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book Two of THE SILVER WEB:


Purchase link for DAUGHTER OF AITHNE, Book Three of THE SILVER WEB:


Karin Rita Gastreich will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Science Fiction & Fantasy Books for Kindle – 99 cent Sale

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Books for just 99c on Kindle from 18 – 24 December

Once Upon A Princess: Beauty and the Faun is included in the selection of 99 cent books for Kindle

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Book Spotlight: A Deceptive Match By Kelli A. Wilkins

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A Deceptive Match book coverBy Kelli A. Wilkins


Hi everyone,


Today I’m sharing an inside look at the making of my sizzling contemporary romance, A Deceptive Match.


A Deceptive Match is a full length novel set in the world of professional wrestling. Wrestling has always been a part of my life, so it was only natural that one day I’d write a book with wrestling as the backdrop. But this book is different from all of my other books because the entire story came to me in a rather unusual way—in a dream.


One morning I woke up and said “Uh-oh!” and grabbed the pen and paper next to the bed. (I keep it there in case of inspiration.) I knew that if I didn’t immediately start writing down everything in my head, it would be lost forever. So I sat there, furiously scribbling the outline. At this point, it was just the bare bones of the plot and the characters, but I knew I was onto something.


Over the course of the day, more bits and pieces came through. Now I had a subplot, secondary characters, and knew more about what was happening in this wrestling romance that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I was fortunate enough to actually “see” the book in my head like a movie—some scenes were missing, but I had a clear picture to work from.


People who have read the book and know about my love of wrestling always ask me the same questions: Which wrestlers are the characters based on? How do you know all this stuff? How much of it is real?


It’s easier to answer the second question first. Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be on friendly terms with a bunch of wrestlers. My husband and I would go to matches and hang out with the guys after the shows. (No, I wasn’t a ring rat.) I picked up a lot of terms and got a real feel for what they did and how they experienced life on the road.


At the time, the thought of being a writer never even crossed my mind, so I had no idea that one day I’d use what I learned in a book. When I got the idea for A Deceptive Match, I was able to incorporate much of what I knew into the plot through Danni’s point of view.


The male characters in the book (Vinnie, Ev, Thorn, and Nick) aren’t based on any one wrestler or any real person. I specifically made sure that Vinnie and the others aren’t linked to real wrestlers, because it would take away from the story. Like characters in any book, I invented whatever quirks, flaws, and backstory I needed to help move the plot along.


And how much of it is real? Well, anyone who knows anything about wrestling can tell you that it’s technically termed “sports entertainment” for a reason. But that doesn’t discredit all the training, hard work, and other sacrifices the wrestlers go through every day. A Deceptive Match touches on the subject of what’s “real” and what goes on behind the scenes that most fans are unaware of.


Here’s the book summary and a steamy excerpt:


A Deceptive Match


Falling for the wrestler she had been assigned to interview wasn’t part of Danni’s plan, until Vinnie Valentine pinned her heart in a flash.

Disgruntled with her job as the office assistant for a national sports magazine, Danni Stone impersonates a reporter to prove herself to her boss. Her assignment? Spend thirty days on the road with Vinnie Valentine, a sexy professional wrestler.

Life isn’t going well for the Heavyweight Champ. Vinnie is struggling with a manipulative boss, prepping for the most important match of his career, and feuding with his arch-enemy, Thorn. The last thing he needs is a nosy reporter following him around—even if she is hot.

Thrown together in close quarters, Danni can’t help falling for Vinnie, and she unwittingly becomes a key player in his title match. Their mutual attraction grows, and late one night, they give in to the lustful feelings they’ve been fighting.


As their relationship deepens, Danni considers telling Vinnie her secret. But before she can confess the truth, Vinnie discovers she isn’t the reporter she claims to be. Her lie threatens to ruin everything between them. Will their relationship be destroyed by her deception or will their love win out?


An Excerpt:


Danni hurried down the hall to the locker room. She hadn’t meant to be late picking up Vin tonight, but the moron lot attendant wouldn’t let her back into the parking area. She pushed open the locker room door and rushed inside. “Vin, I’m sorry I—”


Her tote bag slipped through her fingers and dropped to the floor. Vin stood less than three feet away, soaking wet. A white towel barely covered his waist.


“Oh, my God!” Her entire body flushed as a tingling sensation built deep in her belly. Vin was practically naked and dripping wet from the shower.


“I…um…you’re…I…oh God,” she muttered and whirled around. Why wasn’t he saying anything?


Vin’s warm hand settled on her shoulder. He gently turned her to face him. Beads of water dripped down his chest, and she longed to lick them away. “Um…you…you’re wet.” She glanced at the towel and prayed it would fall off his waist.


“And you’re not?”


She squealed as Vin drew her to his chest. His mouth covered hers, and she lost all sense of reason.


A wet heat built between her legs as Vin’s tongue entered her mouth. She clutched him tight and dug her fingers into the solid flesh of his back and ribs. He smelled like soap and water and yet there was a hint of something manly, musky about him.


Vin moaned and cupped her buttocks through her sundress, melding her body against his. A high-pitched mewing sound escaped her throat as a long-denied lust flared within her. Was this really happening? She’d had this fantasy for so many nights, would she wake up and discover it was only another erotic dream?


She slid her hands down Vin’s flat stomach to the edge of the towel. For a second, she hesitated, unsure. Did she dare do what every instinct commanded? Vin’s tongue plunged deeper into her mouth, wordlessly urging her on…




I enjoyed creating the characters in this wrestling universe, and as I was writing, I fell in love with Everett, Vinnie’s best friend. I knew I had to tell Ev’s story and give him his own book, so I wrote A Secret Match. That book is all about Everett, but Danni and Vinnie play supporting roles in the storyline. Although the books are connected, they each stand alone as individual reads.


I hope romance fans and wrestling fans alike will check out A Deceptive Match and A Secret Match. They’re a good blend of action, drama, romance, humor, and spicy love scenes.


Happy Reading!



Order your copy of A Deceptive Match here:


Don’t miss the follow-up book (of sorts) A Secret Match:



Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.

Her third gay romance, Four Days with Jack, was released in June 2017. Kelli’s trilogy of erotic romance novellas, Midsummer Night’s Delights, Midwinter Night’s Delights, and Ultimate Night’s Delights was published in spring 2017.

Loving a Wild Stranger was published in January 2017. This historical/pioneer romance is set in the wilds of the Michigan Territory and blends tender romance with adventure.

Kelli’s third Medallion Press romance, Lies, Love & Redemption was released in September 2016. This spicy historical western is set on the Nebraska prairie in 1877.

Her writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative guide filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.

Kelli posts on her Facebook author page: and Twitter:

She also writes a weekly blog:

Visit her website, to learn more about all of her writings, read book excerpts, reviews, and more. Readers can sign up for her newsletter here:



Here are a few links to find Kelli & her writings on the web

Amazon Author Page:



Newsletter sign-up:

Medallion Press Author Page:

Facebook Author Page:

Facebook Historical Romances:

Facebook Contemporary Romances:

Facebook Gay Romances:




Authors Den:

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: One Too by Sherrie Cronin

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One Too book tour banner

GENRE: Sci-fi/Fantasy


Sherrie will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Book Description:


Telepathy creates as many problems as it solves, as most of the members of the secret organization x0 would admit. When new member Lola discovers another group of telepaths with a completely different approach, those problems multiply at the speed of thought.


Soon, Lola’s family and friends are in danger. Lucky for her, she’s not your average budding psychic. Each person with whom she is close has a special gift of their own. That’s good, because it’s going to take every power they possess to keep this other group from succeeding with their plan to eradicate x0.


One Too Excerpt

One Too book coverGabriel contacted Warren late Sunday night to let him know that the teacher Maurice had been found. Warren could not have been more pleased. He became less so when he was informed that the teacher, too, was surrounded by a wall of fuzzy but impermeable energy.


“This group is larger and stronger than I feared,” he fretted.


“Maybe not,” Gabriel consoled him. “The wall around the woman has weakened now, which means that they’ve had to move their resources to protect the elder.”


“Well then, get more info from her,” Warren barked.


“It’s still a strong wall,” Gabriel countered. “And we’re not sure she has all that much else to offer us. We are encouraged that they can only do so much at once.”


“Yes, of course, that much is good news. You do fine work, Gabriel—I don’t mean to imply otherwise. I just think you’re being hindered by the careful way we are going at this. How much more effective would you be if you had that old man sitting in a chair right in front of you?”


There was a second of silence. Warren supposed that Gabriel was trying to read his mind.


“I don’t think kidnapping anyone is a good idea at this point,” he said.


“Bullshit. It doesn’t have to be kidnapping. I can find a way to finesse it. We need information. Would having him in a room with you help you get it?”


“Of course it would. A lot.”


“I thought so,” Warren said. “Then this nonsense has gone on long enough. I’m sending a car to your place. It will be there at 6 a.m. sharp. Most of the Entelechy is still here in New York, so take two of your best, most trusted monads with you. Pack bags, you’ll be flying out tomorrow on my private jet, probably to San Antonio. A driver will meet your plane, he’ll take you to where you’ll find this Maurice. There is nothing else you need to know.”


Warren didn’t pause long enough for Gabriel to object.


“There will be some muscle there already, totally at your disposal. It shouldn’t be hard to break him, Gabriel—he’s an old man. I want to know everything about this organization. Use every tool possible and do whatever you need to do.”


Author Bio and Links

Sherrie Cronin Sherrie grew up in Western Kansas thinking that there was no place in the universe more fascinating than outer space. After her mother vetoed astronaut as a career ambition, she went on to study journalism and physics in hopes of becoming a science writer.


She published her first science fiction short story long ago, and then waited a lot of tables while she looked for inspiration for the next story. When it finally came,  it declared to her that it had to be whole book, nothing less. One night, while digesting this disturbing piece of news, she drank way too many shots of ouzo with her boyfriend. She woke up thirty-one years later demanding to know what was going on.


The boyfriend, who she had apparently long since married, asked her to calm down and  explained that in a fit of practicality she had gone back to school and gotten a degree in geophysics and had spent the last 28 years interpreting seismic data in the oil industry. The good news, according to Mr. Cronin, was that she had found it at least mildly entertaining and ridiculously well-paying  The bad news was that the two of them had still managed to spend almost all of the money.


Apparently she was now Mrs. Cronin, and the further good news was that they had produced three wonderful children whom they loved dearly, even though to be honest that is where a lot of the money had gone. Even better news was that Mr. Cronin  turned out to be a warm-hearted, encouraging sort who was happy to see her awake and ready to write. “It’s about time,” were his exact words.


Sherrie Cronin discovered that over the ensuing decades Sally Ride had already managed to become the first woman in space and apparently had done a fine job of it. No one, however, had written the book that had been in Sherrie’s head for decades. The only problem was, the book informed her sternly that it had now grown into a six book collection. Sherrie decided that she better start writing it before it got any longer. She’s been wide awake ever since, and writing away.


Author Social Media Links

Twitter: @cinnabar01






During the tour the book will be available for pre-order for $2.99 at the links below:



Sherrie will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Romance & Fantasy Giveaway

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Romance and Fantasy banner


Romance & Fantasy Giveaway

12/1 – 12/31

Over 60 Fantasy Romance novels & previews available for download. Check out the selection and download free books here:

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Kindred Spirits by Whitney Dineen

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kindred spirits tour banner


The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Genre: Chicklit / Romance


Kindred Spirits Description

Dashing and successful, Richard Bingham has been voted one of the top ten bachelors in New York City. After unwittingly offending a reporter from Manhattan Life magazine, he finds himself on the receiving end of an article that makes his quest of finding the perfect mate nearly impossible.


After one dating disaster too many, Richard decides it’s time to seek professional help, so he signs up for the matchmaking services of the East Side Yenta.


Philippa Fielding is single and searching for love in London, but her accidental profession of “Message Deliverer from the Great Beyond” puts most men right off.


Will Pip’s new “Spirit Helper,” Bertram, be able to set her on the course for true love with a message for Richard?


Matchmaking, misunderstandings, and mayhem abound in this fast-paced romantic comedy about love, life, and the afterlife!


Interview with author Whitney Dineen

Kindred Spirits Final CoverWhat inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

All of my books write themselves. I’m just the secretary, really. So when a new story starts, I have no idea what’s coming next. It pretty exciting really!


Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what was it?

I love all the scenes where Pip (the heroine) passes on messages from the great beyond. I’d love for someone to come up to me on the street with words from my passed loved ones, so these vignettes hold a lot of meaning to me.


When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

When I’m not writing I’m busy raising my two little girls, working in our extensive organic gardens, chasing after free-range chickens, or eating french fries –not necessarily in that order.


What do you love most about writing?

I love that there are an infinite number of stories to be told. I write in four genres and I never know which one is going to take center stage. Every day is a brand new adventure and as long as I write books, will continue to be so.


Do you have a favorite writing environment?

I do all of my writing on a desktop in my office. I’ve decorated the room with framed covers from my books for inspiration and my desk faces out the window to aid my daydreaming tendencies. I’m generally wearing yoga pants and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


Do you have a favorite genre you like to read (other than the ones you write in)?

I love to read spy thrillers, books on Quantum Physics, and anything regarding conspiracy. So far I haven’t written anything in those genres. But never say never.


Kindred Spirits Excerpt


After another thirty minutes of banter, Shelly turned off her recorder and announced, “I think I have all I need to write a great piece.” After a beat, she added, “Magazine rules don’t allow me to ask until our professional relationship is over, but maybe once I’ve written my article, we could go out to dinner sometime?”


Richard was shocked and answered, “That would be lovely, but isn’t that an engagement ring on your finger?”


“Maybe,” she replied coyly, “but an engagement ring isn’t a wedding ring, is it?”


“Perhaps not, but it does indicate a prior commitment.”


There was no way Shelly could misconstrue the judgment in his voice. She immediately knew she didn’t have a chance with Richard Bingham, so she responded, “I guess it does.”


Uncomfortably, Richard met her direct gaze and said, “I don’t mean to be rude, but once I ask a woman to marry me, I would hope she’d stop shopping around for someone better.”


“Mr. Bingham,” the reporter icily replied, “I’m sure in your case, she will. But not everyone is lucky to be engaged to a paragon like yourself. Sometimes people reach an age and place in their lives where they compromise their ideals a bit and settle for something instead of continuing on with nothing.”


“That’s a sad commentary on single life. No one should settle for anyone less than they truly desire.”


“Unfortunately,” she retorted, “only a handful of singles are considered as desirable as you. I’m afraid life is a bit different for those of us who live in the real world.”


Richard realized he’d gone too far and tried to amend his earlier statement by adding, “I think you sell yourself short, Ms. Milton. As far as I’m concerned the only reason I won’t have dinner with you is that you’re promised to another.”


Shelly responded, “That’s very noble of you.” Gathering her things together, she stood up and declared, “I wish you luck in your great love search, Mr. Bingham. I’m sure you’ll have a better selection of potential mates than the rest of us mortals.”


There was a gleam in her eye that Richard found disconcerting. For a moment he wished he’d merely accepted her offer and reneged at a later date. Shelly Milton looked mad, determined, and offended. Not exactly the trifecta of emotions you want to leave a reporter with right before she writes an article about you in a well-respected and well-circulated magazine.


Whitney Dineen Bio & Links

author Whitney DineenWhitney Dineen is a multi-award-winning author of romantic comedies, non-fiction humor and middle reader fiction. When she’s not spinning stories, Whitney’s raising her young daughters, wrangling chicken, or eating french fries, not necessarily in that order.








The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Evolved by Archer Miller

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Evolved Tour Banner


Archer Miller will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

GENRE: Science Fiction


Evolved Book Description

Humanity has spread to the far reaches of space with The Golden Door, a planetary colonization monopoly, selling off every desirable and not so desirable planet to desperate settlers.


Each new world comes with new challenges, and to meet that challenge the children are evolving.


When Pieter, and other gifted children like him, become the target of government research they must fight not only for their lives but the future of their kind.


Evolved Book Excerpt

Evolved Book CoverMary’s telepathic shout jolted him out of a sound sleep. As his eyes opened flashes of blue light filled his room. He turned his head to check the common area between the cells. Arcs of lightening sizzled through the room. Kakogo cherta, he thought, watching the dancing discharge.


It’s Mike. He’s having a nightmare. Mary sounded frantic inside his mind.


Can’t you switch him off?


He can’t hear me.


Pieter stood and approached the barrier between his cell and the common room. The crackling discharge reminded him of a small Tesla coil his teacher brought to class. The lightning followed any hand or finger that touched the glass sphere. But this was on a scale he had never seen.


His eyes focused on the room across from his and  caught sight of Joan watching the lights. They were all watching, too terrified to do anything to stop it.


Pieter pressed his hand to the clear wall and immediately the blue, static lights flowed to the spot. He felt no pain. The electrical discharge stopped at the other side of the wall, just like the Tesla coil in school. The pops and crackles from the common room made him wary. As he listened he could hear the electric lock mechanism on his door cycle on and off every few seconds.


Has he ever done this before? He asked.


Not like this, Mary replied. Not this bad.


Pieter listened for his door to open and pushed his hand against the clear panel.


Author Interview

What inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

A very good friend suggested am idea for a simple story about a bunch of strange kids on the run. He suggested they all have super powers of some kind. I’m not sure what part of that grabbed my muse but since I prefer to ground my fiction in actual science I started doing home work. I studied genetics, evolution, exoplanets, faster than light travel, gene markers and on and on. Out of all that rose the story I wrote called Evolved.



Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what was it?

If I did I think it would be Mike’s nightmare. He’s a young man from a troubling past who happens to be able to control electricity. In his nightmare he sets off an electrical storm in the confined quarters where he and the other seven subjects live. Pieter (My hero) manages to stop Mike from himself and the other captives as well. Read it. I think you’ll like it. Look at chapter 4.


Any challenges in writing this book?

The volume of research involved. Besides the homework I already mentioned I had to study the Russian language and Orthodox customs. I studied Norse language and customs. Names and history that pop up throughout the book. So don’t let my hard work go to waste. Look for Easter Eggs all through the bok.


When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

I’m a homebody. I love to garden and cook, especially baking. It’s no mystery why bread plays a bib part in the social order on my characters.



What do you love most about writing?

The creation. I have an entire universe to fill with people and animals and a history. Besides, the voices in my head won’t shut up if I don’t write down what they tell me.



Any tips to share with someone who wants to be published?

Don’t settle. Find a publisher and just as important, an editor you can work with. The people who run my publisher are writers themselves and that makes a huge difference. My editor is someone I trust implicitly. She isn’t someone to pat me on the head and tell me hoe good I am. She is ruthlessly honest and brutally direct. She pushes me to be a better writer and that is what I like most about her.



How do you go about choosing the names for your characters?

Ethnic origins, occupation and sometimes historical reference. Many family names began as a trade, Cooper, Fletcher, Smith, Wheelwright. Wainwright, Barber and so on. I won’t give away the game but pay attention the the last names in my story.



What other books have you written?

This the first book I’ve had published but there are two more in this series in the pipeline as well as a two book epic fantasy.


How long have you been a writer?

In one way or another I have been a writer for about fifty years. As a writer for radio and theater. Later I was a copywriter for several Advertising Agencies. I tinkered with writing stories for years before finding my niche.


Print or e-books–do you have a preference?

I’m 66 and old fashioned so print. Although I have e-books as well and I enjoy them too.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author pictureArcher Miller emerged from the East Texas hill country and set his sights on finding the life of which few of his contemporaries dreamed. In 1974, he migrated to Boulder, Colorado to enroll at the Naropa Institute – now known as the Naropa University, a tiny Liberal Arts college founded by the renowned Tibetan Buddhist scholar and lineage holder, the Ven. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1940-1987). Rinpoche was enormously influential in spreading the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to the West.


Archer earned a degree in herbs and creative writing. He was a four-year Letterman on the Varsity Competitive Meditation Team.


After graduating in 1978, he took a year off to hike the Jack Kerouac literary trail. He became a top freelance gun-for-hire with dozens of ad agencies across the south and southwest. As a way to deal with the proliferation of Disco, he took up Zen Archery.



Archer Miller will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Noble Magic by Joni Parker

- blog tours, book promotions

Noble Magic tour banner


The author will be awarding a print copy of “Noble Magic” to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

Genre: Fantasy


About Noble Magic

Lady Alexin (Alex) battles a band of mortal wizards known as the Octagon, discovers the mysteries of the five legendary diamond eggs, and finally comes into her true powers gifted to her by her conquests and the gifts of her Titan ancestors. Tasked with the seemingly impossible, Alex must find a way to restore the entry points to Seaward Isle or see its inhabitants face certain destruction as the grid holding Eledon together threatens to fall apart.


Noble Magic Book Excerpt

Chapter 4:

Noble MagicOff the coast of southern France, a luxurious yacht, at least eighty feet long with large windows and open spaces for sunbathing, rocked gently on the sea. In the lounge, four men sat on a leather sofa, watching the television monitor mounted on the wall with a view of Nemesis in the Elfin chamber. As he delivered his ultimatum to the Elves, the men cheered and shook their fists at the screen. When he ended his threats and the large fireball occurred, they burst into applause. The screen went black.


A few moments later, Nemesis entered the room through a black curtain to a standing ovation. He bowed, then pulled up his jeans and slicked his stringy hair away from his face. “I think they got the message. Ecstasy, get this stuff off my face.”


Ecstasy clapped loudly and beamed with pride. “Of course, my darling. Sit down. I knew you could do it.” Ecstasy was a man dressed as a woman and threw his arms around Nemesis’ neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips. As he backed away, he waved his wand. “Abracadabra presto change-o! I just love doing your make-up. I love everything about you.”


Nemesis’ nose shrunk in size and his color returned to tan. His ugliness was diminished, but didn’t go away. “All right, already. Stop it! Now get a message off to the Dynasty Sisters. They need go in first and get the wand.”


Ecstasy closed his eyes and waved his hands over the crystal ball. He mumbled a spell under his breath and peered inside. He leaned back with a sigh. “Oh dear! The girls have gone on a meditation retreat to mourn their grandfather Shinjan and can’t be disturbed for the next month.”


“What? Why didn’t you tell me about this? We did this for them. I told you to keep in touch with them.”


“I asked them yesterday and they said they were going to be here. I’m sorry.” Tears filled his eyes. “They lied to me…again.”


“Damn it! Don’t cry.” Nemesis rubbed his forehead. “All right. Someone else will go. Who wants to go in first?”




Guest Post by Joni Parker

Here’s a short story:

A Baseball Dream

I woke up this morning dreaming of baseball. No, I’m not a player, but my older brother, Eric, loves the game. Everything he has is covered with baseball logos from his notebook for school to his T-shirts. His goal is to play short stop on the Arizona Diamondbacks, but first, his team needs to win today’s game to qualify for the Little League World Series. I’m excited for him, but I have this thing about my dream. It wasn’t that they won or lost, but I got hit on my left eye with a foul ball. It was so vivid that I had to tell my dad about it.


“Don’t worry about it,” he told me. “It’s just a dream.”


We left early to get to the ball park in plenty of time. We’d never been to this field before—it was across town. As soon as we got there, my brother ran off to join his teammates and my dad picked out our seats on the bleachers running parallel to the first base line. As I sat down, I felt like I had been here before, but I knew I hadn’t. It was in my dream.


With popcorn in one hand and soda can in the other, I watched the first batter on our team come to the plate. His name was Reggie and my brother called him ‘Sandwich,’ for obvious reasons. He struck out and we sighed in unison. ‘Top Cat’ Tom was next and he got a base hit. We cheered as if he’d hit a home run. Then Eric stepped up to the plate. He swung and missed the first pitch, but connected with the second. The sharp ting of the aluminum bat drove us to our feet as we watched the ball rise in the air and curve foul over the first base line. The fence should have caught it, but the ball took on a life of its own, rising higher over the fence and veering directly for me. I watched mesmerized by it—it was coming for me the same way it had in my dream. Was this real?


Just before the ball hit my face, my dad reached over and deflected it—the ball glanced off my left cheek and skittered away, but it still hurt and I cried. If it hadn’t been deflected, it would have hit my left eye. Just like my dream.


Through my tears, I said, “Dad, my dream came true…just like I told you.”


“It’s just a coincidence,” he said as he checked the redness on my face. “Hold the soda can against your cheek. It’ll keep the swelling down. You’ll be okay.” He hugged me with one arm around my shoulder. “Why didn’t you catch it?”


“I didn’t catch it in my dream either. Sorry, Dad.”


About Joni Parker

author Joni ParkerJoni currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, but she was born in Chicago, lived in Japan, graduated high school in Phoenix, and got married in New Jersey. Not only was she married to a career Navy sailor, but she also completed 22 years of active duty service herself. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA, and a Master of Military Arts and Sciences (MMAS) from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.


After her husband passed away, she returned to the work in the Department of Homeland Security until she discovered her love of writing. She retired again and has written two series, “The Seaward Isle Saga,” a three-book series, and “The Chronicles of Eledon” with “Spell Breaker,” “The Blue Witch,” “Gossamer,” and “Noble Magic.”






Google Plus:



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Trust with Hearts ‒ Behind the Scenes

- writing tips

Trust With Hearts by Kelli A WilkinsBy Kelli A. Wilkins

Hi everyone,

Today I’m sharing a look at the making of my latest contemporary romance, Trust with Hearts.


Readers are always curious about how books “happen” ‒ how do they start out as a random idea and become an actual book, filled with great characters, drama, and sizzling love scenes? The answers vary, and each novel comes to me in a different way.


How did Trust with Hearts come about? Is the sexy and sultry Curtis based on a particular country music celebrity? Here’s the scoop…


The idea for Trust with Hearts came to me before a country music concert. I was sitting in the front row before the show started, when all of a sudden the whole plot and all the characters jumped into my head. Naturally, I started scribbling down notes (on the back of an envelope, of all things!) before the house lights went down.


Although inspired by real-life, the character of Curtis isn’t based on that one particular country music superstar – rather, he’s a blend of three or four cowboy-hat-wearing singer/songwriters. Elements of the “inspirational” singer are there, but I used my imagination to fill in background details and invented whatever else I needed to make the story work.


Trust with Hearts is a bit different from my other romances in that it has a more “traditional” romance novel feel – but still contains plenty of heat. Although Sherrie and Curtis are attracted to each other, they’re total strangers and are hesitant about getting involved in a relationship. They’ve both been unlucky in love, and aren’t sure if giving their hearts away is even worth the time or trouble.


The book gives them the whole summer to get to know each other. Readers peek into their troubled pasts and follow along as Curtis and Sherrie heal their hearts, love, and learn to trust again.


The subplot of the book – Sherrie’s devotion to save Kitty Corner – was crucial because I wanted to give her a purpose, something to build her self-esteem. Sherrie’s cat adoption project lets her help unfortunate cats who need rescuing and good homes. It parallels how Dave takes Sherrie in (aka “rescues” her) and gives her a second chance at a new life.


And, on a more personal note, giving Sherrie the “job” of helping cats allowed me to make a social/personal statement. I’m a cat person and I’ve written three cat care books. I always advocate adopting pets (of all kinds) from shelters and giving them a real home. (Would you want to live out the rest of your life in a wire cage?)


Back on topic: Knowing how I often write sequels, a reader asked if there will be another book following up Trust with Hearts. Will Dave get his own story?


I do have an idea for a sequel in mind. What if Curtis’s cousin Jen suddenly had to move in with Dave? Hmm… I already have a plot brewing in the back of my mind, so if readers would like to see a follow-up story, let me know!


And here’s a little-known fact: Once upon a time, Trust with Hearts had an entirely different ending. Curtis and Sherrie were driving back to Dave’s house when they got into a car accident. The Ventura was demolished, Sherrie was thrown clear, but she had to go back into the burning car and rescue Curtis. I opted to delete the “car wreck” chapter after several people told me it felt too “tacked on” and was depressing. This version of the story has a new epilogue, and readers can see that Sherrie and Curtis are certainly living happily-ever-after.


I’m glad to say that the book has received some great reviews:


Trust with Hearts is a must read. You will laugh, cry, and in the end, you will totally fall in love with the story. It is character rich, and full of drama along with some sizzling scenes to spice it up. The relationship with her characters helps us see that Curtis and Sherrie may not make it, but then, as the drama unfolds, and she shows us their hearts, we realize there just may be more there than meets the eye. This book will remain on my favorites shelf for a long while, and it is a definitely recommended read from this reviewer.” – Rose, Reviewer, Romance at



4.5 stars! Trust with Hearts is beautifully written. You struggle with Sherrie as she tries to regain her footing, and Curtis’s charm is intoxicating as it flows off the pages. I am always thrilled when I get the chance to discover a new-to-me author who I can’t wait to read more from.” – Emily, Reviewer,


Here’s the book summary and an exclusive excerpt:



After a bitter breakup, Sherrie Parker seeks refuge at her cousin Dave’s house in rural West Virginia. Early one morning, she runs into Dave’s other houseguest, a singer named Curtis Taylor. The last thing Sherrie wants is to share living quarters with a country music crooner – even if he is sexy, in a cowboy sort of way.

Thrown together by circumstances, Sherrie and Curtis get off to a rocky start, but soon discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. Unable to fight their growing attraction, they give in to their desires and start a sizzling summer romance.

Everything is perfect between them until Sherrie discovers that Curtis is keeping secrets from her – and his biggest secret of all will change everything. Can their newfound love survive, or will destiny keep them apart forever?


An exclusive excerpt:


As she made her way down the hall, she saw Curtis standing in the living room near the sofa. He had dimmed the lights and lit a few vanilla-scented candles. She approached him slowly, unsure of what to say.

He extended his hand. “How about another dance, darlin’?”

Her heart thundered as she slipped her hand into his. “There’s no music.”

“Wait…” Curtis reached behind her and clicked the CD player’s remote control. An upbeat guitar solo filled the room.

As Curtis settled her to his chest, she melted against him and inhaled his cologne. After a minute, she decided to open up. “I’m a bit nervous.”

“There’s no need to be. Nothin’ will happen here that you don’t want to.”

“It’s not that. I want to, but…” She looked down. “It’s been a while, and I’m not very—”

He squeezed her closer. “Shh, move to the music. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Curtis swayed her around in time with the song. This song wasn’t as sad and lamenting as most of the other country music he had. “Whose CD is this?”


“I know that. I mean, who’s singing? I like this song.”

He nudged her with the brim of his hat. “Your favorite superstar, CJ.”

“It figures.” She laughed. “I guess I’m starting to like him.”

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” Curtis said, nuzzling her neck.

The song ended, and she stayed snuggled in Curtis’s arms.

“Another dance? I’ve got lots of music.”

“Sure.” She rested her head against his shoulder as the next song started. It was a slow, haunting tale of lonesome nights.

Curtis caressed her back in time to the song and she cuddled closer. Little by little, her nervousness was fading and being replaced with a smoldering passion.

He kissed her as the song ended. She stroked his chest as their tongues entwined and hungered for more. She was vaguely aware of the songs changing as they were lost in each other. This was nice, but she wanted him to tear off her clothes and ravage her.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered, then turned away. “I can’t believe I said that.”

“It’s okay. I like a vocal girl. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want… and like. It turns me on,” he said, as he brushed her hair to one side and sucked on her neck, making her moan. He glided his hands up her ribs and cupped her breasts through her shirt. She swayed as he pinched her nipples with his thumbs.

“Now don’t you faint on me.” He took off his hat and settled it on her head, then danced her backward until she was leaning against the wall outside the bedroom. “See if you can hold up this wall while I do sinful things to you.”

She listened to the music as Curtis unbuttoned her blouse. Her skin tingled as he parted the material. She opened her eyes and dared a peek at him. He was staring at her chest.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, then kissed the top of each breast.

“Should I take this off?” she asked, reaching for her bra strap.

“No, no. I’ll take care of everything. Tonight’s your night, Sher.”


Order your copy here:









I hope you’ll check it out. Trust with Hearts was a lot of fun to write and blends a sultry romance with heartwarming drama.

Happy Reading!

Kelli A. Wilkins



Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 romance novels, and 5 non-fiction books. Her romances span many genres and heat levels.


Her third gay romance, Four Days with Jack, was released in June 2017. Kelli’s trilogy of erotic romance novellas, Midsummer Night’s Delights, Midwinter Night’s Delights, and Ultimate Night’s Delights was published in spring 2017.

Loving a Wild Stranger was published in January 2017. This historical/pioneer romance is set in the wilds of the Michigan Territory and blends tender romance with adventure.

Kelli’s third Medallion Press romance, Lies, Love & Redemption was released in September 2016. This spicy historical western is set on the Nebraska prairie in 1877.

Her writing book, You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction is a fun and informative guide filled with writing exercises and helpful tips all authors can use.

Kelli posts on her Facebook author page: and Twitter:

She also writes a weekly blog:

Visit her website, to learn more about all of her writings, read book excerpts, reviews, and more. Readers can sign up for her newsletter here:



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