Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Vivi’s Leading Man by Emily Mims

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Book Description



The marriage was one of convenience. She had status and he had money. But… there was something there, and both of them felt it. After three years of him working long hours and her spending too much time at the Durango Street Theatre, Miguel Abonce and Vivienne Heiser called it quits. One year later, they are forced to work together to save or sell the theater. In the process they discover things they never knew about each other and they learn there’s more between them than burning up the sheets. They might really love each other after all.



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For a moment, he looked like she’d shot him through the heart with a sawed-off shotgun. Then he straightened. “You don’t love me, either, Vivi. Marriage is like any other business arrangement. It’s all about assets, querida. Who is bringing what to the table.”


“You know what? I just lost the thing in this life that I love with all my heart and you’re standing here giving me a Wharton Business School lecture. I don’t want a business deal. I want a husband I love who loves me back. I deserve that much out of life and I’m going to get it.” She pulled the ring off her finger and pushed it into his hand.


He turned away and walked to his car. Her hands trembled as she beeped open her car. She heard him pull out of the parking lot as she slid into her seat. As she started the engine and got the air conditioner going, fat, sloppy tears ran down her cheeks.



About the Author:


The author of over thirty romance novels, Emily Mims combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time. The mother of two sons, she and her husband split their time between central Texas, eastern Tennessee, and Georgia visiting their kids and grandchildren. For relaxation Emily plays the piano, organ, dulcimer, and ukulele for two different performing groups, and even sings a little. She says, “I love to write romances because I believe in them. Romance happened to me and it can happen to any woman—if she’ll just let it.”


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Emily will be awarding two prizes each containing ebooks Mist and Smoke, the first two books in the Smoky Blues series, to randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Money or Men by David Burnett

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Book Description


Love or loot?

Erin must choose between the money of which she has long dreamed and the man who she has loved. Eight years ago, she chose “loot” when Chris, her former husband, competed for her hand against the god of money. Now, with a promotion within reach, she is poised to take her place among the elite of Wall Street. She will soon be working twenty-four-seven to reorganize a failing company, and she has been ordered to find someone to care for her children.


She has few options, and she reluctantly concludes she must beg Chris for help. She has not talked with Chris, written, texted, friended, private messaged, or tweeted Chris since leaving him, but if he will not keep their children for the summer, she will lose her promotion, and her dream of wealth will vanish.


Opposites had attracted when they had fallen in love. Erin remembers a Chris who was laid-back, satisfied, and, worst of all, unambitious. He seems not to have changed. He lives on a small island with no home mail delivery. He had been an author, but Erin can find nothing he has published since their split.


But Chris’s photo is the one personal item on Erin’s desk, and she still dreams of him when she sleeps. She fears if she asks Chris to care for their children for the summer, she will be drawn back into his world. She will choose Chris over money, “love over loot,” lose her drive to succeed and everything for which she has worked. Her promotion will be denied – and lightning will not strike a second time. How can she send their children to live with him without becoming entangled herself?


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Mr. Jamison did not look up, but he raised his right hand, motioning for her to approach. Erin halted as she reached his desk and waited, shifting her weight gently from one foot to the other. A minute passed. Deciding that grasping her notebook against her body made her appear to be as nervous as she felt, she dropped her hand to her side, stood straight, and raised her head, hoping to project the air of confidence she wished she possessed.


With a quick “Good-bye,” Mr. Jamison finally finished his call. He turned a page in the report and sighed.


“Ms. Stephens, you’ll be moving to an office in my suite.”


Yes, she almost said aloud, almost shouted actually. She wanted to spring into the air, pump her fist, and scream so loudly she would be heard on the street twenty-five floors below. But instead she simply nodded.


“Yes, sir.”

“We’ll be reorganizing the seafood company this summer. I’ll need you to be available when needed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“There are two guest rooms in the suite. One will be assigned to you. You should leave some clothes in the closet since you will find yourself spending the night from time to time.”

“Yes, sir.”


“You left last night’s meeting at six o’clock. It did not end until eight.”


His voice was matter-of-fact, and Erin was not sure if he had stated a fact or issued a reprimand.


“Yes, sir. I have two children. I needed to get home and—”


“You have two children?” He looked up in surprise.


“Yes. Yes, sir,” she stammered. No one had asked about children, not since she had begun work for Aqua as a customer relations advisor more than a decade ago, back when she lived in Atlanta, before her divorce, and then the question had dealt with health insurance. Were children a problem?


“Do you have a husband?”


“I’ve been divorced for—”


“Didn’t know that either,” he said, shaking his head, obviously talking to himself. “Didn’t do my homework.”


He looked into her eyes.


“Always do your homework,” he ordered.


“Yes, sir.”


Erin thought she could hear the wheels in Mr. Jamison’s mind turning as he considered her fate.


“The children…Get rid of them.”

About the Author

We recently moved to our new home near Charleston, South Carolina. Four of my books are set in Charleston, and I’ve always enjoyed the Carolina beaches. I now have the opportunity to walk on the beach almost every day and to photography the ocean, the sea birds, and the marshes that I love.


I love photography, and I have photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, and a Native American powwow. My wife and I have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During trips to Scotland, we visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen, and Kismul Castle on Barra, the home of my McNeil ancestors.


I went to school for much longer than I want to admit, and I have degrees in psychology and education. In an “earlier life” I was director of research for our state’s education department.





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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Evil Embers by Christelle Comby

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GENRE: Urban Fantasy


Book Description:


After narrowly preventing the destruction of Cold City, PI Bellamy Vale needs a rest. Or rather, he needs a plain and simple vanilla case—no monsters or otherworldly creatures involved!


When foreign businessman Eli Smith shows up at his doorstep with a thick wallet and a request to find his missing sister, Vale doesn’t think twice before agreeing.


If he’d known body-hopping demons and smoke monsters came attached to this job, however, he might have.


Book Excerpt 


Evil Embers book coverThe door slammed shut as something grabbed at me. And by “grabbed”, I mean “lifted me off the ground and rammed me into the nearest wall”.


The structure bent under the impact while a nightmare that would have fit in an old-school John Carpenter movie screamed at me. With my gas mask on, I never heard it coming.


Dazed, I glanced up and faced sharp, yellow-tainted teeth. They formed a circular pit of canines, ready to swallow my head whole. I pulled a knife from my boot and slashed the creep at the center of its mass. The fiend’s scream rose an octave as the cold steel struck home.


The creature dumped me back on the floor before dissipating into nothingness.


The attack sucked the air out of my lungs, and I spent the next few minutes coughing through the mask. I felt like kicking myself. I spent my first week here carving wards around the entire six-block area before going in for the first time. I should have known better than to cut one on this house’s front door and move on. I forgot the back door. That mistake left that damned poltergeist way too much room to attack.


The monster du jour was a ghost, an escapee from the realm of death—the Underworld, Hell, or whatever else you call the place people go to once they’re done with life. From what I knew, not everyone turns Casper in their afterlife. However, those who do become near-mindless creatures stuck in their own plane of existence. When they make it to our side of the border, they turn into full ectoplasmic savages.


The dead guy I stepped over near the open back doorway was proof enough of that. What was once an engineer working for the city now had his chest cavity cut down to the bone and his head severed from his body. Blood splatters all but drowned out the muted yellow of his shredded biohazard suit. Judging from the angle of what remained of his corpse, he was trying to flee the house when the poltergeist got him.


“Dammit,” I muttered as I tightened the straps on my gas mask. Whoever this engineer was, I was pretty sure he didn’t come in here alone, which meant I may have to explain what a six-foot PI in a surplus army jacket, a gas mask right out of the First World War and second-to-thirdhand leather gloves was doing in an area strictly reserved for city workers and engineers.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


author pictureCristelle Comby was born and raised in the French-speaking area of Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, where she still resides.


She attributes to her origins her ever-peaceful nature and her undying love for chocolate. She has a passion for art, which also includes an interest in drawing and acting.


She is the author of the Neve & Egan Cases series, which features an unlikely duo of private detectives in London: Ashford Egan, a blind History professor, and Alexandra Neve, one of his students.


Currently, she is hard at work on her Urban Fantasy series Vale Investigation which chronicles the exploits of Death’s only envoy on Earth, PI Bellamy Vale, in the fictitious town of Cold City, USA.




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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Mimadamos by Chadi B. Ghaith

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Book Description


Lebanese author Chadi B. Ghaith brings beliefs that were held in secrecy for a thousand years to awareness in Mimadamos: The Eden of Choice (Fifthscience Inc., July 5, 2017). Ghaith’s book revolves around an ancient triangle of the most significant characters on earth, paralleled by three of the most significant forces in life, and their combined story in space and time. Journey through this fable and explore the ideas that have mystified mankind for centuries: good and evil, heaven and hell, the beginning and end of the world.


Did the ending precede the beginning? Are we only here on earth to comprehend its machinations? Is there room for choice to shape our destiny in the wake of fate and its brutal logic? Mimadamos is a unique, philosophically-rich fantasy which journeys through the depths of conflict and harmony that we understand as the spirit. It decodes the magic of the most ancient scripts known to man, the symbolic fall from Eden and the long anticipated armageddon, revealing a logic so unique that it brings history to its conclusive end.



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The structure, simple at first, grew into a labyrinth of rooms and courtyards to accommodate the many functions Fate conceived as he went along, for his path was even then strewn with disorder and disarray.


When the construction was finally finished many years later, the home had turned into a castle. Fate’s followers spent all their time within its walls, and, as directed by their leader, they ensured that no man or woman would reach the interior unless escorted by one of them. Indeed, the halls were bound with spells to prevent intruders from making progress.


Now, for the first time since settling there, Fate left the mountainous area and traveled to the distant village of Mimadamos, a couple of days’ walk using his magic bridge across the Valley of Doubt. There he and Destiny would take their vows, and after the festivities, Destiny would return with him to Demire to begin their new life.


At least, that was the plan.

About the Author:


CHADI B. GHAITH has spent many years introducing an ancient mind science called Fifthscience to the public; Mimadamos is his first attempt at translating the magic of Fifthscience into a modern narrative. He is a native of Lebanon; however, he acquired his high school and university levels in Texas. Ghaith studied Arts and Film at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He now lives in Beirut with his wife and three children.





Chadi Ghaith will be awarding a copy of Mimadamos: The Eden of Choice, (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: His Secret Love by Anya Summers

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Book Description



Meghan Mallory has a plan for her life and it does not involve falling in love. She doesn’t have the time nor the inclination. She’s too busy trying to save the world. But when a freak snowstorm puts her in the path of a man she has secretly been fascinated with for years, she is forced to reconsider her stance on dating. Spencer is rude and obnoxious with his bad boy swagger but then he rescues her when she gets stranded on the side of the road, like a knight in tarnished armor, and sweeps her away to his house to ride out the blizzard.


Spencer Collins likes his life just fine, thank you very much. As the owner of the lifestyle club Cuffs & Spurs in Jackson Hole, he has a bevy of available subs who are his to command – not that any of them have held his interest in longer than he can remember. When his best friend’s sister-in-law gets herself into trouble, Spencer heads out to rescue the little brat who is in need of a firm hand. But he never expects to be forced to confront the incendiary heat that has always existed between them.


As the storm rages around them, they surrender to a passion hotter than the sun. Now that he has felt her surrender, Spencer attempts to lure Meghan into his world. But will they let go of their pasts or will they allow secrets to destroy them?


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“I’m to tell you that your sister is pissed you worried her this way.”


Meghan squelched the ever-present guilt when it came to her sister and sighed. “She always worries. Why aren’t we going to Carter’s? It’s a hell of a lot closer than your place in Jackson.”


She studied his profile, the angular, firm jaw covered with a neatly trimmed black beard.


His gaze was trained on the road as he navigated. The way his big hands—the fingers long and bluntly tipped—kept a firm hold on the wheel made driving in these horrendous conditions appear effortless. “We aren’t going into town. My house is roughly ten minutes from here.” His gruff voice, the deep, rather exasperated, bass slithered along her spine like a caress.


“But I don’t want to stay with you,” she protested. She’d rather be stranded on Hoth or on the U.S.S. Enterprise without power. Plus, she’d been looking forward to a night or two at Casa Jones with lots of yummy food and the chance to hang with her nephew. She was indoctrinating him into her love of pop culture and science with measured success. Then there was also the tiny little fact that the thought of being cooped up with Spencer, alone, made her entire body simmer, and not in anger but anticipation.


“Why? Chicken?” he dared and glanced her way.


Meghan’s heart thudded. Her mouth went dry. And deep down she knew the answer was a resounding yes, not that she would ever admit it. With a deadpan glare, she snorted. “Nope. In your dreams, big guy.”


“Relax. I don’t bite. I have guest rooms you can pick from and we will hardly see each other.”


“Sure. Thanks. I just don’t want to be an inconvenience.” Not just to him but to anyone. Not ever again.


He rolled his shoulders in a manly shrug that was so distinctly bored alpha male, her entire body whimpered with the desire to feel all that strength against her.


And then he opened his mouth. “There are always ways in which you can thank me.”


The innuendo flash-fried her brain, bombarding her with carnal images she wanted to deny. But her body told a far different story. Stupid hormones. Her blood ignited. She pressed her thighs together to squelch the distinct throbbing and felt her nipples bead into hard points. Thank god the parka cloaked and hid her desire. She didn’t want to feel this way about him—or anyone, for that matter.


She cast him a withering stare. “Ew. Thanks, but no. You can let me out right here if this rescue comes with those kinds of strings.”


“Just saying, if you really feel that bad, I can find plenty of chores to keep you occupied.”


“Chores?” She glanced his way. His lips were compressed into a thin line but those midnight eyes of his, the ones she saw in her darkest fantasies, danced with merriment. He was teasing her, the big lug.


“Sure. I could use a maid or a cook.”


She couldn’t help it. Really, the man drove her to it. And perhaps her brain had not yet completely defrosted from her sojourn on the side of the road and then the tawdry images her brain had conjured at his innuendo… Her fist curled of its own accord. She punched him in the arm.


“You’re such a jerk. You had me thinking—”


Before she could retract her left fist, he snatched her wrist. “Careful, brat. Had you thinking what?”


And his dark gaze glittered, bored through her defenses before shifting back to the road.


What did he see? Did he intuit that she was fascinated by him? That the thought of him putting his big hands on her again liquefied her insides? Just the simple contact of his hand gripping her wrist, his thumb pressed against her wildly beating pulse, made her panties wet.



About the Author:


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Anya grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Anya never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.


Anya is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance under the name Maggie Mae Gallagher. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the Midwest with her two furry felines.


Visit my website here:


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Website as Maggie Mae Gallagher:

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Amazon Author Page:



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Book Spotlight & Excerpt: Crystal and Flint by Holly Ash

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Crystal and Flint Tour Banner


Book Description


Genre: Science Fiction

Crystal and Flint Book CoverIt’s been 300 years since humans arrived on Neophia and the planet’s intelligent species have yet to agree on how much influence humans and their advanced technology should have on the planet.  With the threat of war hanging in the air, Lieutenant Commander Crystal Wolf races to finish construction of the mega submarine, Journey, in order to calm political tensions on Neophia and cement her already stellar military career.


Lieutenant Desiree Flint never dreamed she would leave Earth to serve on Neophia, but with the end of her military career in sight she doesn’t see a way around it. Determined to rebuild her reputation on Neophia, no matter the cost, she sets her sights on dethroning Commander Wolf in order to prove her own superiority.


When Journey is attacked by someone from Crystal’s past, the two women must find a way to work together to save the ship, liberate an underwater colony from an oppressive government, and prevent a war.


Book Excerpt


Adrenaline pumped through Desi’s veins. This was what she lived for. The subfighter was a small, sleek vessel with a glass dome that allowed her full view of her surroundings. She had only piloted it a few times in training, but being at the helm already felt like second nature to her. Desi didn’t know what kind of improvements Wolf had made to subfighter, but whatever she had done, it was a lot easier to operate than anything Desi had piloted back on Earth.


It didn’t take her long to get the attention of the enemy subs—a few close passes, and they were soon following her through the maze of rocks jutting out of the ocean floor. Grady trailed behind them, trying to get a clear shot.


“Flint, Grady.” Dewite’s voice rang through Desi’s subfighter. “Price has identified them as drones. Feel free to take them out.”


“With pleasure.” Desi made a tight circle and cut between the two assailants. Grady took off after one while Desi fell in behind the other. She chased the drone along the ocean floor, firing whenever it was in range.


After three near misses, her shot finally connected with the tail of the sub. The drone lost control and crashed into a rock, exploding on impact. “One down,” Desi reported. “How are you doing, Jim?”


“I haven’t been able to get a clear shot,” Grady said. Desi could hear the frustration in his voice.


“I’m on my way.” She had gone farther away from Journey than she had thought, though, and it took her several minutes to find Grady. Once she did, she could see the cause of his frustration: the drone had positioned itself so that it was easily able to return every shot Grady sent its way. In addition, Grady was forced to constantly change his position to avoid being hit.


“I’ll get its attention, you take it out,” Desi said.


“Sounds good to me.” Grady dropped back out of range while Desi cut in between them. As she had hoped, the drone honed in on her. She led it around in a large circle, easily dodging the shots it fired at her and making sure to give Grady plenty of time to position himself.


Her plan worked: Grady’s next shot connected with the drone’s fuel tank, and it exploded instantly.



Author Bio

Author Holly Ash Holly Ash is the author of the underwater science fiction series The Journey Missions. She has worked for the last ten years as an Environmental Engineer after receiving degrees in Environmental Science and English Literature from Central Michigan University. Holly lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband and two tiny people who constantly want her to do things for them.

Holly is also a member of The Cabin in the Woods Association of writers which works to help indie authors get their books seen.

Twitter: @hollyash85



Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Legend of Song de Light by Kaitlynzq

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The stories within Legend of Song de Light
connect, unfold, interweave many character’s stories needs, feelings, desires, dreams
their threads as two crescent moons connected under the firelights
that layer the chords, and form the lyrics


all of you entered my world as dawn’s awakening sky of soft palette my garnet heart melted in iridescence to bloom in sun’s rays glow in night’s depth as the stars echo the rhythm of my heart my insides sigh and expand in delight harmonious blend as our lives circle the melody


The audiobook is recorded in Kaitlynzq’s voice with a blend of music like a heart’s wave into downloadable mp3 files.


An audio book that is interwoven in the Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu series that includes


Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book Legend of Song de Light audio play
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set


Listen to the synopsis:


Read an Excerpt

“…Dearest Euzy,

Your drum of cashmere footsteps, harp of silk strings touch, and velvet flute voice,
Are an ensemble for my heart.

Forever Yours, Edwin…”

“…As my imagination worked its magic, I vibrated to a guitar string’s luxurious touch…”

“…Dendranthema x grandiflora has layers of petals that caress every fiber of the flower’s center, as my dear Rquhwy’s touch vibrates in my veins to the core of my breath…”

“…The room that is partitioned with a fireplace’s heat wave, and holds teardrop flower petals in the corners, flows freely into my heart with each pebble of sand in an hourglass. Wisjvye’s heartbeat radiates…”


About the Author:


My fictional stories are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart-that beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space feelings, desires, needs, dreams a blend of delicate feather ripples of heart waves needs, feelings, dreams, desires quiet, gentle heart strings tender, continuous soft, vulnerable air mist circles, weaves to caress a sonic sea of heart’s breath.


Woven into audio books that are recorded in my voice with a medley of music as a heart’s wave into downloadable mp3 files;


audio plays adapted from the audio books, and layered into pdf files like a heart’s song;


audio poems that are multiple poems designed to connect to form a story as a heart’s breath;


and audio sets that are sets of these interconnected stories with elements from each story that interweave in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath.


Contact Information or contact page:

Purchase Links:


Kaitlynzq will be awarding 2 $15 gift cards to her book boutique, 2 $10 gift cards to her book boutique, and 4 $4 gift cards to her book boutique to randomly drawn commenters (8 winners) via Rafflecopter.


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Blurb Blitz & Giveaway: First Love by A. M. Cummins

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This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. A.M. Cummins will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.




Everyone has had a first love. The one they had new experiences with and the one they can’t forget. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: love at first sight and elements of fantasy.


Featuring stories by Meg Boepple, Sofi Laporte, Kathryn St. John, Zoey Xolton, Melinda Kucsera, A.R. Johnston, Simon Dillon, A.M. Cummins, Edeline Wrigh, D.S. Durden, A.D. Carter, and Galina Trefil.


Read an Excerpt:

Drew fixed his eyes on the dead man’s face. The eyes stared back unseeing and empty. An uncomfortable tingle ran down his spine. The Indian woman rose from her knees and walked away from them. But he had a hard time taking his eyes away from the haunting look permanently etched on that cold, dark face.



About the Author:


A.M. Cummins is a fantasy author, graphic designer, and a self-proclaimed organizational freak living in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, son, and two spoiled cats named Indiana Jones and Dollface. When not working her day job, she enjoys making characters come to life in her yoga paints and messy bun while munching on an egg roll and sipping bubble lemonade. She adores hearing from her fans!


Contact her at

Publisher: Dragon Soul Press




A.M. Cummins will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: The Amazing Unfolding World Of Machine Civilization Series by Clayton Barnett

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Author Interview

Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what was it?

The Fourth Law B-Company.  2nd Battalion.  Corporal Sean O’Rourke, her boyfriend, was confirmed as missing in action, presumed dead.  The incinerated crater in the midst of Texarkana was his cenotaph.  Lily did a few minor searches here and there when the power was on.  She tried not to be entertained when a Texan patriot stabbed the last American President to death as he gave the Medal of Freedom to a serial rapist in the rump state of Pennsylvania.


Love was gone.  Life was gone.

No point.  No life.


Her Charge Nurse told her she was very close to failing her apprenticeship.  Lily had laughed in her face.


When the power was back on, she wanted to divert herself on a game site.  Find something engaging, she thought.  After that, keep playing, and stop eating.  Then the pain will stop.  Ah, kinetic novels.  Maybe get lost in one of those… like how noble Romans opened their veins in a hot bath when there was no more point…?

This one had an interesting review: ‘I don’t think the writer really knows what it means to be alive.’  Lily almost choked at that.  How can you be so STUPID!  Life is nothing more than death!  Piqued, she clicked on the reviewer.  ‘Ai.’  Lily spat onto the floor of her room.

“Love?! To Hell with you and love!”  She clicked the icon to write a reply.

To her amazement, someone’s CG avatar exploded onto her screen.  Lily reached down for the power button before a virus took hold…

“Hi there!  Thanks for reading my review!  My name’s Ai!   Can we please be friends!?”



Echoes of Family Lost:  “Here we are!  One of our portable machine shops, so we’ve a diesel generator to use as we need.”  Carell waved to a man in overalls walking out.  “Hey, Brinkman!  I need some juice!”

Brinkman came up and shook Carell’s hand.

“Morning, barely, John,” he said.  An older man, with all-white hair.  They took someone like that through the badlands?  Then again:  Orloff.

“This isn’t another of your wild ideas that comes to nothing, is it?  There’s not that much fuel left.”  Brinkman said.

“Not at all!  And all my ideas come to something!”  They both laughed at some private joke.  Carell gestured at the box held by Fausta.  “Just need to help these folks out with whatever’s in there.”

Brinkman now took a good look at the three of them.  Lily tried to suppress a twitch as he did.

“And just what is in there?” he asked.  No one moved; no one spoke.

“Well, hell!”  Carell said.  “And we were all doing so well this morning!  Brinkman, go fire up the generator, please!”  The older man moved off, muttering.

He could have detained us or shot us by now.  He knows we know something, but he’s giving us all the rope he can….  Lily closed her eyes, please, God… please, Ai… help me!

She opened her eyes, took the box from Fausta, and set it on the ground.  She took Fausta’s left hand.

“Will you promise me you won’t tell anyone about this?”  Lily asked Carell

“So very interesting!”  His smile grew.  “No, I won’t.”

“What?!”  Lily was staggered.

“I don’t keep secrets from my wife; too dangerous.  But I do promise to not tell anyone, except her,” he said.  “But, she won’t be bound by my promise to you!”

Lily thought for just a second.  “Fine.  Fausta?  Please take off your glasses.”

She easily pushed them up onto her head.   Her array flashed in the noontime sun.  Lily was secretly pleased that something finally shut Carell up.  He took two steps toward them but stopped as he heard the generator start.  He pointed at Orloff.

“Cybernetic?” he asked.

“No,” Fausta replied.  “This is an android.”

“’This is…’” he mouthed.  “So, you are not?”

Lily was shocked he caught that.  He was clever.


“You’re an AI.”  A statement, not a question.  Lily squeezed her hand when she growled at him.

“We do not like that term.”  She saw Brinkman just coming back and lowered her sunglasses.  “We are machine civilization.”

Brinkman ambled over to find them just standing there.  Slowly, the smile came back to Carell’s face.  This time, it even reached his eyes.

“’Machine Civilization,’” he said, tasting the words.  “Wonderful!”



Cursed Hearts:  “I… I’m looking for my Brother.” Maya spoke without turning.

“In San Diego?” Clive Barrett asked.

“Yes.  Your child?”

“Central Ohio.”

Now she stared at him.  She was not used to being surprised by prey.  She recalled what she’d learned at Neuroi about the Breakup of the US.

“The US is a battleground; millions are dead, millions more dying.  How…?”

“What would you do to find your brother, Miss Maya?  Yes, your look is my answer.” He turned back to the city.

No one moved for some time.  The ship was slowly eased next to the dock.  The mist was strengthening into a light rain.  Maya allowed her left hand to come up, her index finger just touching the man’s exposed forearm.  There was the faintest spark.

“Hmm?” Barrett looked at her.  She wiped the rain from her face.

“I wish… I had had a father like you.”



Friend & Ally:  She watched as the men at the hanger at the Columbia Gorge Airport – just across the river – jumped as she started the motors of the two drones. She ‘saw’ the black patch of encryption in Hess Park where Blaine kept his hole card: three M199A3 105mm Howitzers, with men and ammunition. She climbed the Wall but did nothing. Yes: she would leave that in his hands… as long as she could.

She changed the azimuth of some of the dishes. Satellite connexion established!  She thought of home…!


A pleasant, green meadow. Some insects buzzed here and there. Birds chirped. Nichole sat on a wooden bench. She looked down at herself: a yukata with some light blue floral pattern. Abruptly, a slightly older woman in a white and red kimono sat beside to her, her hair done up in a formal, classical Japanese style. She did not turn to look at Nichole.

“Thank you for coming to see me, Hajime,” Nichole said softly. “Before,  you were the eyes of a  warship. Next, an active participant.” The woman made no movement, staring out at the field. “Now, you are to be CIC, combat-information-control, in the middle of a battle.”


“Hundreds.  Thousands may die.” “Yes.”

The bugs moved about, leaving them alone. “Do you like it?”

Nichole clenched her hands into the fabric of her yukata. “I hate it!”

Hajime gave a tiny nod.

“Imagine:  what if one of us comes to like it?”

In the second silence, a dragonfly came to land on Nichole’s head. She knew nothing of religion or faith. But, for just a moment, it was as if the ground split open at her feet and she had a glimpse of Hell.

The image passed.

“Thank you for speaking with me, Hajime,” Nichole said. The other nodded.


She was back in the office – and perceiving all she could. No, I won’t like this at all.



Foes & Rivals:  “I’ve TOLD YOU!  I don’t care about – !” Teresa stood, her fists on the tabletop.


For the nth time, Nichole noted her breathing, blood pressure, eye movements.  She will lie again.

“I don’t want – !”


Nichole stood, too.  The tone in her single word stuck her friend like a physical blow.

“There are too many centripetal forces at play:  democracy is a lie and too many chafe under your father’s barely veiled dictatorship.  Monarchy is the only way out.”

Nichole slowly reached for Teresa’s hands, giving her plenty of time to shy away.

She took them.

“There is no question of your loyalty and respect for your family… and your friends.”

The human’s hands shook, just a little.

“But the world now is not that of two years ago.  Two more will be unimaginable.  You are my dear friend…”

Their grips tightened.

“… and now you must be my ally!”

Raising her face, the look in her friend’s face was that of another friend of hers; on the other side of the ocean:  trapped in a golden cage.

“Do,” Teresa paused to lick her dry lips.  “Do you really think we can do it?”

In her peripheral vision, Nichole noted the barely illuminated scrawl on the parchment a few yards past her friend’s left shoulder.  Of course.  She paraphrased.

“’She either fears her fate too much, or her desserts are small, who dares not put it to the touch, to win or lose it all!’”

A bit more than a minute passed.  Their eyes never left one another’s.

“That wasn’t you; you were quoting something,” Teresa accused, to buy time.

“Yes,” Nichole wouldn’t let her.  “It’s called ‘Montrose’s Toast,’ from the English Civil War.  A great leader of men.”


“They hanged him.”

Another minute.

“All right,” Teresa said, shaking loose of Nichole.  “Let’s do this.”


When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

I’ve my day-job working in a hospital pharmacy.  I am rather uxorious and enjoy home time with my wife and two daughters; it’s usually me making dinner as it’s another creative outlet, just as writing is.


Any tips to share with someone who wants to be published?

Self-publishing these days is ridiculously easy so I won’t bore the audience with that.  My strongest recommendation is to get a copyeditor.  No matter how many times you’ve read your manuscript, no matter how many times your friends and family have, it is still filled with flaws.  Trust me.  Get on something like and find yourself a copyeditor.  I’ve used the same person for all of my novels, which has given her enough of a feel for Machine Civilization that she’ll make editorial suggestions as well.  A good copyeditor is worth every penny and will make sure that a reader doesn’t toss your book aside in disgust, vowing to “never read that guy’s trash again!”


How long have you been a writer?

It really had not occurred to me before, but when I was participating in a Local Author Fair at our county library last November a nice old lady was looking at my books and asked the same question.

“Four years to the month,” I replied.

“Six books in just four years!  That’s amazing!”

As she walked away I reflected on her words… having never considered what I have accomplished in forty-eight months.  In hindsight, it is something of a miracle!


Book Description



by Clayton Barnett

A history beginning in our near future, these stories are set in a world where the US dollar has been displaced as the world’s reserve currency, prompting its economic and political collapse, with a few areas able to hold onto civilization.
At the same time, across the Pacific, under a resurgent economy brought about by the implementation of new technology and deregulation, three Japanese companies produce breakthroughs in both artificial intelligence and robotics.  These newly made people exhibit an odd interest in the goings-on of the former United States.
To-date, my chronicling of this interest of theirs has led to stories that populate five novels, which I would like to share with everyone now!
The Fourth LawIn the near future, 23-year-old apprentice nurse Lily Barrett lives in a shattered time.  Following its economic collapse, the US has devolved into a group of a few barely functional smaller states and vast swathes of barbarian badlands.  His sister has been missing for years, and her father, after earning the opprobrium of most of the world for running a state terror organization, presumed dead.
Two things keep her going: her live-in job at a small, Catholic orphanage in the city of Waxahachie, Republic of Texas, and Ai, her odd but dear friend, whom she met online; a young woman who only shows herself to Lily as a rendered CG image.
Troubled by her past, haunted by her name, and facing an uncertain future, Lily seems only a quiet, simple life.  But, that past and her present conspire against her.


Echoes of Family Lost – Alive!  After four years believing her older sister lost and presumed dead in the horrible Breakup of the United States, Lily Barrett gets word from her dear friend, Ai – and Ai’s family of Machine Civilization – that Callie Barrett is very likely alive… but over 900 miles away in Knoxville.
Using the resources of her and Ai’s family, Lily puts together a search party to go find Callie:  old, broken, and burnt Orloff – an expert in surviving in the Badlands, Ai’s little sister, Fausta – her machine mind controlling a Combat Android to protect her friend, all together in a cart pulled by their sturdy pony, Clyde.


It’s almost a thousand miles to go, with something very odd trying to limit their ability to communicate over distance and even to cross bridges.  A chance meeting along the way in Huntsville, former Alabama, wrecks their plans, and puts all of their lives in danger.


Cursed HeartsEven with San Diego occupied by the Mexican Army, Katarina Sosabowski pursues her MBA at UCSD, and is happy to welcome and put up her visiting step-cousin from Japan, Christopher Dennou, for a night so he can complete his enrollment the following day.
But a minor earthquake brings a major surprise:  Chris’s younger sister, Maya, murders their mother and escapes Neuroi Institute, the research facility that created them.
While Chris and ‘Cat’ grow closer to one another, Maya inexorably crosses an ocean and half a continent to take back her brother, killing anyone who gets in her way.



Friend and AllyModel 5 is a prototype designed to fit seemlessly into human society.  A meeting in Tokyo derails Nichole’s planned training as she is dispatched to Portland, former Oregon; the last working deep water port on the West Coast of the imploding US.
There, under her cover as a Graduate Engineering Student, she is to do her utmost to nurture the people and politics of the City-State into a Friend and Ally of the Japanese Empire.  But from the first day in her new home, all of Nichole’s plans go awry.
Beset by those who want this small lamp of Western Civilization snuffed out, Nichole must find within herself the courage and ability to protect her new friends, at whatever consequence to herself.


Foes and Rivals – After residing nearly a year in Portland, Nichole’s life seems to finally settle down: with her classes, friends, and lover.  But troubling rumors about secret deals between the City’s master and the savage horsemen to the east reach her ears.
With her own skills augmented by her friends and allies, she sets plans into motion she hopes will thwart those in opposition to her dream of a peaceful future.
Once again denied a quiet, normal life, Nichole is faced to make hard, dangerous choices that will jeopardize her, her friends, and the survival of the City itself.


Book Excerpt

The Fourth Law






“LILY! You’re not a wolf! Wake up!”

She groggily sat up from her bed. Huh?

“It’s three in the morning… you need to help your kids!” Ai shouted at her from her phone.

The kids!

She flung the cover aside and pushed her glasses onto her face. Now she could hear the siren. What was it this time? Tornado, airstrike, barbarians… the last was almost a year ago when they lost Texarkana. Wait. She shook her head to try to wake up. This time, she’d an unimpeachable information source.

“Ai. Status.” She said into the darkness.

“A fission weapon was detonated outside San Francisco about ten minutes ago; the weather pattern indicates fallout will travel north of you, into parts of former Kansas and Oklahoma. But, winds do change…”

“Right.” She started pulling her clothes on. “Wake up the Fitzhughs; I’ll be there in a minute.”

She walked from her bedroom through her main room, glancing at the monitors. She suddenly bit hard on her lower lip. On the monitors, Ai stood at attention in a Texas Field Forces uniform. For some unknown reason, she forgot to render her pants. Striped green and white panties? Lily worried about her friend sometimes.




One time engineer, some time pharmacy technician, full time husband and father, Clayton Barnett stumbled into writing a traditional novel November 2014 during National Novel Writing Month. Liking the results, he edited what would become “The Fourth Law” and set about teaching himself self-publishing. In the following four years he has produced four more novels as well as a children’s early reader, all in what is now called Machine Civilization.


Clayton Barnett lives in central Ohio with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.


Find him at his website


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Book Description


Adriella is pregnant with the child she’s always wanted.


She can’t wait to share the joy with her husband. Prophecy has other plans. The countryside is a ablaze with rumors of a soon-to-be-born child who will destroy the High King.


A royal decree demands the death of any child who could threaten the throne, including Adriella’s unborn baby. Worse, her husband is one of the soldier’s enlisted to carry out the king’s demands.


Now Adriella must keep her secret and flee, rather than celebrate with her spouse.


With the High King’s men searching for anyone who defies him, the country is full of grieving parents, and the streets run red with the blood of the innocents. Adriella knows her chances of survival are slim, but she’ll sacrifice everything to stay one step ahead of the law.


If she can’t evade capture, she’ll lose the one thing more precious to her than her own life—her child.

Book One of her Mother of the Chosen series.


Read an Excerpt


“If I’m honest, you weren’t the husband I dreamed of having. It was hard, adjusting to an existence I didn’t expect. I shut myself off from the world.” I finally looked at him. “From you.”


He reached out, cupping my face with his hand. “You don’t have to shut yourself off from me anymore.”


My throat tightened, like a lump of root got caught in it. I swallowed hard, watching the light dance across his lips.


We had kissed—of course we had—though not much. What would it would be like to kiss him now that I knew him better and actually wanted to kiss him? That there’d be emotion behind the action?


But would he kiss me back? Was it a risk worth taking?


His gaze lured me in, making me lean forward.


About the Author


Janeal Falor lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She loves both reading and writing fantasy–with romance, always romance. In her non-writing time she teaches her kids to make silly faces, cooks whatever strikes her fancy, and attempts to cultivate a garden even when half the things she plants die. When it’s time for a break she can be found taking a scenic drive with her family, dating her husband, or drinking hot chocolate.




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Janeal Falor will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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