Book Coaching

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Book Coaching

Do most people in your industry have books? Not sure where to start?


Not only can it be an income stream, but a book can make it much easier to promote your business and to create online classes, workshops, coaching programs and speaking opportunities.


Book coaching includes:


*Creating your timeline  and managing deadlines by providing accountability and opportunities to “check in” to discuss your progress, plan next steps and provide feedback throughout the writing process.

*Based on your choice to publish, either self-pub or trad pub, I’ll research your options so that you can make the right decisions for your book

*Coaching conversations via email and telephone, using Skype or Zoom meetings, with recorded calls (if you want to have them to refer back to)



What you’ll receive:


*Support and guidance as we work together on your project

*Feedback on your book themes and ideas

*A structure for you as you write so that you can focus on writing and not get sidetracked or overwhelmed

*Brainstorming to work through any spots where you may feel blocked or unsure

*A project timeline designed with your needs in mind – not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all

*Researched options for publishing and book marketing guidance

*A relatively stress-free book writing and publishing process!




Book coaching designed for your specific book project starts at approximately $1100.00 (fees depend on length of project, coaching services provided, etc.). Payments can be paid in installments based on the agreed-upon timeline.



“Thanks Deborah for the awesome work that you did editing the script for my book – BREAK FREE: 52 TIPS TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR SELF IMPOSED PRISON. I could not meet my deadline without your help. I read it over and over and you brought to my attention so many things that I overlooked. Your attention to details is unbelievable.

Thanks also for the other tips you provided as I wrote my book! The process was overwhelming at times but your encouragement kept me focused and on task! As you know, I am your loudest cheerleader because I know the quality of your work!”

-Faith Saunders
Chief Transformation Officer| Lead Trainer – Empowering People to Become the Best Version of Themselves! Host DANF


“Deborah worked with us to prepare our book for publication. Her writing and editing skills were an asset to our project, and we’re very pleased with the result. Deborah communicated with us throughout the process, and completed the work on schedule.”

Andrew Borkin & Mary D. Podolak, authors of the book
Eight Steps to the Right Job – What You Want, What They Need, and How to Achieve Continuing Success


“I can always rely on Deborah to give me excellent feedback and helpful suggestions on my writing projects. She is a talented professional with years of real-world experience. I recommend her services to anyone looking for great results.”

Kelli A. Wilkins, Multi-Published Author



Interested? Here are you next steps:


*Schedule a free, 20-minute no-obligation conversation with me so we can discuss your needs and requirements.

*After our talk I’ll email you with a proposal based on your project needs and timeline for coaching services

*If you want to move forward, I’ll send a link for your initial payment. You’ll also receive a contract stating what services you’ll be receiving and a timeline for our work.



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Who this service is best for:

Coaches, speakers, consultants and other small business owners who have made the decision to write a book, but aren’t sure how to organize their ideas and who want guidance and support. Authors who are comfortable writing and open to feedback (and aren’t looking for coaching around learning how to write).


Who this service is NOT the best for:

Anyone who isn’t ready to commit to the process of writing a book, or who aren’t open to receiving feedback.


Click here to schedule your “get acquainted” 20-minute conversation:


Ready to write and publish your business book? Don’t wait any longer. Get started today and get your book out there!