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In the beginning of the social media age…

Way back in 2008 (seems like a long time, doesn’t it?) I joined Twitter. At the time I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it.


I tweeted about my new (at the time) podcast: Women Entrepreneurs: The Secrets of Success and called myself, “Coach Deb.”


It was all brand new and no one really knew what to do. What were the rules? The norms? What was the point of this new social media?


Yes, not that long ago social media was that new thing that none of us really understood. But the early adopters (raises hand) jumped in to see what would happen.


I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t take it seriously. I tweeted here and there. But not much. Then I followed just about everyone who followed me (bad move) because the number of followers gave you status. The same with Facebook and LinkedIn. It was like being back in high school sitting with the cool kids. Look how many followers/fans I have! Aren’t I special? (Ha!)


social media

Social Media Today

Fast forward to 2017 and we are inundated with social media messages. We’re overwhelmed and (let’s be honest) wondering if this was all a good idea after all.


But the thing is, social media is here to stay. No matter what you might feel about it. If you have a business or a book, you have to be on it. But…


You don’t have to be everywhere. Seriously.


In fact, you can make a bigger impact by doing less. I’ll say it again. You can do less and get more.


Running in circles, trying to update every platform, set up every opt-in, jump on every new trend…it’s exhausting and will lead to burnout. At the end of it all, you STILL won’t have the clients you need.


Yes, you can step back and focus on the right platforms. The ones that are a fit for you and what you put into the world. It works because you can put more time into what really works. Instead of being scattered all over the place.


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