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“Think Like an Entrepreneur”

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“Hi Deborah, I pulled out your book again today —– THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR —- this is a great tool that has pushed me forward!”
-Donna Sneed


“I’m reading it now. If you do not know what you want to do with your life and need direction then I highly recommend that you read this book. Personally I knew what I wanted to do but this book help encourage me to keep going in the right direction. Alsi this books has some powerful thought worthy quotes….” -FF>GH>KE (via

“Gave me ideas to match with my own feelings. This book is clear, straight forward. All tips are really good and easy to apply. Perhaps a bonus audio should be available to reinforce the ideas. Overall i like it s lot.” – Ricky Montana 

“This is a book you want to keep in your purse or back pocket! Think Like An Entrepreneur is inspiring and motivating. My favorite part would be the quotes to start each chapter because it gives you more of a visual perspective with words in addition it brings clarity with your attention. Furthermore, the quotes are a great take away that will stay with you through out the day!” – A Bennett (via

“This book was really great, very detailed, very inspiring, clear cut and there were alot of actual resources that i have used thus far. This book, provided different individuals that are in different businesses and they highlighted their pros and cons about how they started their business as well as what they would do differently. Great book for the price.” – CeeGee (via

“Starting your own business can be a very rewarding and courageous endeavor. Entrepreneurs should be aware of all of the ins and outs of beginning the exciting journey of business ownership entails even before writing a business plan. Deborah Bailey’s book “Think like an Entrepreneur” is full of expert advice and pearls of wisdom from amazing women entrepreneurs in multifaceted careers. This book in a series of interviews tells a story of the resilient and persevering spirit it takes to become a successful business owner. I highly recommended this book for its diverse perspectives on success and the benefits of hard work and determination.” – Alicia Morgan

“We are e-mailing to express our gratitude for your book. Thank you for making it accessible online. We benefited from reading Chapter 5 which we completed today. We look forward to reading your book now that we have access to downloading it. We see you and your commitment to people. I really liked the insight about doing things that make you happy and being alive in the world. I am adopting the book for my father. Thank you for your generosity and contribution.” – Yasaman Shiraz

“As you know, I keep reminding all of you that you must think like the CEO of your own life, every day. Stop giving your power away. A great resource to help you to stay on track is Deborah Bailey’s new book Think Like An Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life. In this positive and easy-to-read book, Deborah teaches you to transfer your skills into a new career, transition from employee to entrepreneur, get more control of your life and attain financial freedom, and start over at any age or any stage.  If you are ready to transition, this book should be in your library.” -Gail McMeekin

“Deborah, I am reading your book right now, and it taking me longer than I expected. The reason for that is I am taking the time to answer the questions, journaling in the book, highlighting the good parts. And just really taking the time to honestly learn from this book. It is an AWESOME book!! I wish that I would have found this or something like it when I first started working on my business years ago. It has been a real eye opener! I have learned so much from this book!! Thank-you for writing it !!” -Anita Stephenson

“Deborah Bailey’s book, ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life’ is a fabulous read for anyone who is in the process of transitioning. Deborah walks you through the process of going from employee to entrepreneur and covers all the bases of why you may not be succeeding and what you can do to change it.” -Kerry Heaps, Founder Kerry’s Network for Women

“Think Like An Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life over-delivers what the title suggests. Deborah A. Bailey assumes the roles of coach, counselor, teacher, motivator, mentor, and friend—all in one swoop. The fluid style in which she delivers amazing, relevant content is so captivating that you do not even realize at times, that she is “laying down the law”, requiring you to “man up” or “woman up” and take responsibility for your life’s course.

As a coach, she provides constructive insight and even seems to give feedback as you answer the thought-provoking “Questions to Think About” that jerk you out of your stupor. As a counselor, she builds a relationship with you that is based on mutual respect and trust, as you turn each page. Somehow, you know that she wants you to win. As a teacher, she imparts knowledge to you, her student. That knowledge comes from a place of “I have been there and I have done this”, rather than from some theories she learned from textbooks and journals.

As the consummate motivator, she provides quote upon relevant quote that truly makes you reflect, evaluate, and regroup. Finally, as a mentor she befriends you, her partner on this journey, writing every tip, sharing every story so that your journey can be a lot clearer. You feel like you have known her all of your life and that if you were to get the chance to talk to her, the conversation would never end.

When you turn the last page of this book, you will be equipped with the confidence, direction, and inspiration to move forward with an entrepreneurial mindset and a commitment to transform your life.”
-Kellie A. Gardner
Principal, Kellie Gardner International Marketing Group
Internet Business Developer


“Think Like an Entrepreneur” just nails it!  Deb has done what most don’t want to do.  She tells us the truth about being in business for yourself.  Through her personal accounts of her journey from the land of Corporate America to entrepreneurship she shares what it REALLY takes to be in business for yourself.  This book shows you how becoming an entrepreneur goes way beyond just having a business plan. I would definitely add this book to your required reading list!” -Annemarie Segaric, author of “Step into the Right Career”


“Shift you Thinking took my current thinking outside of the box. Whether you are an Entrepreneur or taking the steps to be one, Deborah takes your vision of confidence, creativity, motivation and inspiration to the next level.

Being an Entrepreneur your journey is often YOU, alone, with many decisions and feelings.  Shift your Thinking supports you and your next steps to live your dream”
-Susan Vernicek, Founder and Owner Identity Magazine

“Along with an entrepreneur class in high school, Shift Your Thinking should be required reading. So many people choose a career based on making other people happy only to find that years down the road they are miserable. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone had the courage to begin their career following their dreams.”
– Julie Barnes, Writer, aspiring artist and author of, “So You Want to Start a Business…Now What?”

“If your life isn’t “working” the way you’d like it to and you’re ready to make a change, you need this book! Deborah Bailey’s practical advice, helpful tips, and thought-provoking questions will show you how to empower yourself and transition into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you “stuck” in a life you’d like to change, but don’t know how? This book will get you started! Practical advice, helpful tips, and thought-provoking questions show you how to empower yourself and take charge of your life – today!” -Kelli Wilkins,
Multi-published author

“Whether you’ve already started on your entrepreneurial journey or you’re still just thinking about making the leap into starting your own business, Deb Bailey’s book “Think Like an Entrepreneur – Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life” will guide you through some important emotional peaks and valleys that you’ll experience on the road to being a business owner.  There are so many wise suggestions for thinking ‘outside-the-box’ when it comes to taking control of your career that it should be required reading for any business course.  This book is an essential tool that you NEED to have on your bookshelf to help you successfully navigate each step of the way on your path to true independence. ”
-Tisha Berg

“I appreciate you doing that presentation for the Jersey City PWG. The book is great so far. Glad I bought it!! I see amazing things that are taking shape. Thanks for the inspirational spark, needed it.”
-Cristina Nieves,
Our Soulful Journey

“Think Like An Entrepreneur” is a passionate book about the spirit of a go getter! Learn what it takes to transition from employee to entrepreneur, it has well over 60 themes, insightful quotes, and powerful questions to get the individual moving forward. I enjoyed this book very much!”
– Adrienne Bennett, Soulful Blend Living LLC

“One of the most gratifying steps that you can take is starting your own business. This can be an exciting and rewarding venture. The key to business ownership is preparation. Proper planning is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. It defines your capabilities not only as an entrepreneur, but in your personal affairs.

Deborah A. Bailey has created a great resource for women who are ready to be their own boss. ‘Think like an Entrepreneur’ is a book that includes a series of interviews by leading women experts in various industries. It is chock full of expert advice and pearls of wisdom from amazing women entrepreneurs at the top of their game.

When you are thinking of starting a business, there are many questions that come to mind. This book will answer many of those questions in its unique interview style format. For example, each expert shares candidly:

-Difficulties in transitioning into entrepreneurship.
-Challenges faced as a business owner.
-Why they are passionate about their business.

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first three years. This is staggering but true! So, it is important to be armed with as much business ammunition as possible. Why not invest in a book where women are open, honest and willing to share their successes and failures; to learn from the experiences of others who have walked the same path.

I am thrilled to be a contributor of ‘Think like an Entrepreneur.’ As a director of a nonprofit agency, business consultant and founder of a virtual community of over 575 women in business and authors, I consult and train hundreds of women yearly and know all too well the challenges faced with starting and growing a business.

‘Think like an Entrepreneur,’ is a practical guide to making the transition from employee to business owner. I highly recommend this book to be in the hands of every woman who is just getting started.” –Sylvia Browder, Founder & CEO, National Association Women on the Rise


Reviews for

“Secrets of a Great Resume”

“This gives a good overall look at what a resume should include. The detailed steps clarified the common resume myths I have heard and reminds the reader to use job specific keywords since more often these days computers scan resumes before a HR ever sees them! I especially liked the “dictionary” in the back with action words to help your resume stand out! This book would be a good guide for a recent grad or anyone reentering the workforce.” –Leah Oviedo


“Everyone who looks for job these days needs a resume. Ms. Bailey’s book is a must have for anyone looking for work whether just starting out or needing to update a resume. I highly recommend this book.” – Patricia Marinelli


Learn to write a resume that meets the demands of the modern world! Highly Recommended!

Maybe your resume is complete and accurate, but is that enough? The world has changed. The way resumes are prepared have changed, but so have the ways they are evaluated. It is important that you have a well-defined vision of what you need your resume to accomplish. That’s what you will discover in this concise and well-written book. The author does cover the appearance and format issues thoroughly, but she does much more. She covers less obvious details like having a more professional email address just for resume contacts.

Since I am fairly new to using keywords in ebook descriptions, I was surprised to see that companies search for resumes using keywords today. That means I need to have some carefully chosen keywords in my job history, functional skills and career summary. In light of these changes, she also provides insight into the use of social networking to build relationships and locate opportunities. I also appreciated tools such as listings of action words for describing our accomplishments and a resume worksheet that guides by asking questions. I believe most people will find this a very useful foundation for their job search. – Dr. Gary Webb, author of Lasting Weight Loss: A Quick Look